Zikreet, Mystery Village and Film City


Checkout my recent visit and route map to Film City.

The story has it that a film setting was made in the middle of desert to mock up an ancient Arabian village. I couldn’t find any information on what the film is (do you know?). We visited this setting, called Film City, during Christmas holiday. This was our second attempt, now with a real GPS-man. Of course there was no detour and no lost. On the way to Film City we stopped by at Mystery Village – still don’t know what does make it mysterious. We ended our trip by having a barbeque party on the Zikreet beach. What a trip!

Film city can be reached from Doha by following a Doha – Dukhan road (about 90 km) then turn right when you see Zikreet route sign. Pass the intersection until you find out a small village (see picture below). Turn right then left, or go straight will bring you pass a small camel area. Follow the track. It is safer to bring along a GPS-man (somebody who has visited the area, at least for two or more). I might be lost if I were to find out by myself. Total trip may take 1-2 hours from the last village depending upon how many photo stops you make along the way. Although a sedan type car can pass the route but an SUV is recommended. There is a softer path of the route you need to be careful with. Have a safe and nice trip!


– Zekreet exit from Dukhan Highway: 25 26’22.6″N 50 51’50.5″E

– Zekreet Mosque 25 29’07.41″N 50 50’48.22″E

– Film City: 25 34’41.61″N 50 50’46.65″E

– Mystery Village: 25 35’11.67″N 50 50’10.29″E

Inside Film City
Inside Film City
Film City
Film City
Film City (as seen from a tower)
Fim City - Inside Overhead Bridge
Film City - Mosque Tower
Film City - Mosque Tower
Film City - looking through the holeFilm City - a typical house
Mystery Village
Mystery Village - a hut on top of rock
Zikreet - last village prior to entering the desert
Zikreet Beach - clear and pristine water
Zikreet Beach - caravan on the background
Hat-off for our GPS-am (cum barbeque server?) - Agung for without him we might be lost again
Hat-off for our GPS-man (cum barbeque server?) - Agung for without him we might be lost again
Me, Sunset & Zikreet Beach - (with after-shoot touch)
Me, Sunset & Zikreet Beach
Gak ada lo gak rame! - 40+ Indonesian
The more the merrier - 40+ Indonesian

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  1. he…he…inilah keterbatasan lensa sigmaku kalo ketemu low light (mode ngeles on). Ntar aku beli yang Nikon deh. Thanks commentnya. Weblogmu bagus. Rajin posting ya..

  2. thank you for sharing your experience with visiting Film City. it seems to be good adventure. i think it will be supposed for anyone intend to go for such trip is to have a good 4*4 Qater carto be in the safe side and to avoid sinking in desert

  3. Thank you for sharing your experience here. We will begin our adventure to film city tomorrow following your directions and GPS coordinates.

  4. Thank you for sharing your experience here. We will begin our adventure tomorrow following your direction and GPS coordinates 🙂


    with reference to above subject, i would like to shear my Experience with you all, this is the place we have visit yesterday 15.10.2013 we are there full night and we are enjoying with BBQ and the Plying Cricket and the Badminton well, all our family like this place its really piece and cram, Its Nice place to see sunset also, very clearly you can enjoy that also, If Qatar Government Develop that place I now this the place for the tourism industry, that will be the good place in Doha Qatar. all of Extractors I will Advice to you all Spend your holiday there, and keep Clean also nice place to visit with Family, with me we went 9 family with kid,

  6. i am new to this country , dont know how to reach this exciting place ?? can anyone help me ?? i stay @ Ain Khaled while ma office is @ Ali Bin Khalifa, Salwa Road………………………

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