Expat on family/work visa to report within 7 working days of entry

Whereas the earlier regulation says 30 days for expat to report to medical commission and Criminal Evidences and Information Departments (CID), the new regulation of the Law No. (4), article No. (5)  for the year 2009 effective from 29 April 2009 describes that, each sponsor and the expatriate shouldreview at concerned departments within 7 working days from the date of entry of expatriate to the country for completing the procedures of residence permit or work visit, Gulf Times, 29 April 2009 reported.

If you come to Qatar under family visa or work visa, you may check the ‘warning’ stamped on your passport for the deadline for reporting. My passport stamped with ‘warning’ to report to the concerned department within 30 days. That was in November.

Therefore, the Minister of Interior urges the sponsors (Companies, citizens, residents and expatriates) to comply with the rules of the aboce said law through reviewing at concerned sections in the Medical Commission and Criminal Evidences and Information Department and departments under the General Directorate of Borders Passports and Expatriate Affairs within above said period, in order to avoid exposing themselves for violations and fines describes by the above law.