Golden Fish Restaurant

It claims that it is absolutely the freshest seafood in town. Is it up to? Let’s find out!

I visited Golden Fish Restaurant last weekend on dusty Saturday, 16 May 2009. I overheard from my friend that the restaurant serves a delicious seafood offer yet not expensive. The seating arrangement is a surprise though. Passing through front door I was welcomed by ordering table while to the left is four 3-seat dining table. Upstair, this is new to me. A 4-seat private  dining area complete with curtain that you can use to hide your bad eating behavior. And hey, a 7-in portable DVD screen attached to the wall could be used to kill your time waiting food to be served.

The waitress is polite and helpful. We ordered hamour shrimp grill, hamour grill, crab grill, and shrimp salad. Full of cholesterol eh?

Thin Arabic/Pita Bread
Thin Arabic/Pita Bread

 This pita bread came first. It seemed a compliment for guests to enjoy while the main course were being prepared. The bread is soft, tasty and well-cooked. It is best consumed by dipping it to the cream accompanied.

Shrimps Salad
Shrimps Salad

 Not long, may be 10-15 minutes, all what we ordered served at once. This shrimp salad deserved a thumbs up. Fresh! Crunchy! and the dressing is superb.

Shrimps Hamour Grill
Shrimps Hamour Grill

 And here is the mouthwatering selection. The hamour is properly grilled, as is shrimp. The flavor permeate and seeps deeply into meat. The rice that comes with the hamour and shrimp is also excellent. It tastes to something we are familiar with; yes, “Nasi Uduk” of Indonesia.

Crabs Grilled
Crabs Grilled

 This is something we don’t recommend. Not up to our expectation quite frankly. The meat textures revealed that this is not fresh crab. Far to be on par with Balikpapan’s Dandito or Kenari Crab!! Oh I miss that.

All in all, the restaurant offers good selections of seafood menu. Shrimps and fish are worth picked. Crabs might need improvement.


Golden Fish Restaurant is located on Al Sadd Street. If you are driving Al Sadd Street from Suhaim bin Hamad-Al Sadd Street Intersection (La Cigale Intersection), you can find it after Royal Plaza and before KFC and fenced open areas (used for parking).

Golden Fish Restaurant
Golden Fish Restaurant

Contact: 4426000, 4427000

Menu & Prices (in QAR)

Juice                                      6/12

Water                                   2/4


Shrimps/Hamour/Harra Sandwich            15

Lamb/Chicken Kabab                                     7

Beef/Chicken Burger                                      5


Seafood Salad                   45

Cesar Salad                         25

Shrimp Salad                      20


Soup                                      10-18


Rock Lobster Bashamill  75

Rock Lobster Grilled        70

Lobster Curry with Zafran             70

Lobster Grilled/Bashamir              80/120

Habar Fried (Cuttle)        35

Habar Grilled (Cuttle)     30

Mussels Bashamil/Grill  70

Crabs Grilled      35

Hamour (Fillet) Grill/Fried            27

Hamour Harra                    30

Hamour Curry                    30

Chaned Grilled                  25

Shrimps Hamour Grill     40

Fried/Grilled Shrimp       38

Shrimp Curry                      38

Shrimp Bashamil               40

Shrimp Cocktail                 20


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    اشكركم جزيل الشكر

  2. السلام عليكم وصلتني رسالتكم و اشكركم عن هذا الانتباه و انا في اتم الاستعداد ل العمل عندكم و رهن اشارتكم تقبلو مني فائق عبارات التقدير و الاحترام

  3. The food here is great and reasonably priced! I loved it and can’t wait to return! Planning a return trip this weekend and just ate there this past weekend. A must try!

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