Summer Road Trip: Plus and Minus

Many questioned us when we decided to take a trip to UAE & Oman by road during this summer vacation period. Why not in winter? Trip during winter is preferred; however we already have another agenda for winter that prevents us from travelling during winter. Nevertheless, road summer trip presents both advantages and disadvantages.


– Less traffic on road and in border. Therefore less driving risks and less immigration processing time (generally we spent from 45 minutes to 1 hour in borders when in winter or vacation period processing time might probably be more than 2 hours).

– Much cheaper accommodation benefited from summer promotion for low peak season(50% discount rate than in winter is not uncommon; when can you afford a double bed bedroom with breakfast in Hilton Fujairah Resort for only 320QAR or a sea-view double bedroom with breakfast in Golden Tulip Resort Khasab for only 558QAR? Normal rates are 700AED and 90OMR (900QAR) in Hilton and Golden Tulip respectively!!)

– Less crowded. Enable us to enjoy points of interest more comfortably.


Scorching heat. 40-47 C heat is bearable. Not really a challenge as we get used to in Doha except when added with high humidity like we had in Muscat. Once you step out of car you’re guaranteed to be fully sweating and wetted.

– Limited outdoor activities. Be outdoor limited only for photo stops or if necessary although we spent a full day dhow tour in Musandam. Otherwise, night time might be allocated for outdoor related activities


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