UAE & Oman Trip: Preparation – Immigration, Documentation, Car

ATTENTION: Read post regarding expatriats barred from driving car under finance by bank out of Qatar unless fully repaid. New move based on circular from Qatar Central Bank.


Driving to UAE & Oman is not as difficult as one may imagine. What half needed is a proper planning. That’s including knowing what immigration and documentation requirements for each visited country prior to start the journey, and preparation for your car.

Saudi Transit Visa

You need a transit visa to cross Saudi Arabia to enter UAE (Fact: There is a road connecting Qatar with UAE through undefined borders among UAE, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, near Khor Al Udayd with Sawdad Nathil Police Post at the end, but that is not approved port of entry). This visa is to be obtained for all passengers.  A round trip transit visa can be arranged through agents (Note: Saudi Embassy does not deal with individual transit visa request). Transit visa is valid 30 days since date of issued and you have only 3 days from date of entry into Saudi to cross the border into UAE and vice versa.

It takes about 5 working days to get the visa and the charges are QAR125 (that’s what we paid to agent; official visa fee is QAR50).


  1. Allow sufficient time for starting your trip after your estimated time of visa obtained just in case you have some problem with visa. We had our friend’s family member was granted only one way visa whereas the rest are round trip visas. It took them 2 days to rectify causing them missing the first two days of our planned trip. We had many mistypos in names (i.e. missing one letter or doubled letter) but we were assured by the agent that it would not cause a problem. We did not have any problem with that mistypo.
  2. We were advised that Saudi Embassy closed on Thursday and Friday. Although we submitted all requirements to agent on Wednesday they were only processed on next Sunday.


–          Original passport, and copies of identification page and RP

–          Two passport size photographs with white background

–          No Objection Letter (NOC) from company for sponsored persons to obtain visa to Saudi. Dependants do not require a letter if travelling with the sponsor (head of the family)

–          Copies of vehicle registration card (istimarah) – if vehicle not in the name of the driver then NOC to be sought from either bank or company

–          Copies of driving license

List of Saudi Visa agents :

  • Al Kanz Co. (Tel: 4883713, Mobile: 5724414). Abdullah Bin Thani Street, Al Gharraffa. 100m from Qatar Airways branch, 200m from Hot Chicken. Coordinate: 25°19’36″N   51°27’47″E
  • Al Ihsan Khaleej Services (Tel: 4434535, Mobile: 5513959 – Ismail). Souk Asiri, 2nd Floor. Opposite Dana Center/Philipine markets. Coordinate: 25°17’16″N   51°32’14″E
  • Al Asayel Co. (Tel.: 4372784, Mobile: 5680914). Near Sana/VW Roundabout. Next to Mercedez Showroom. 
  • Al Medadi Co (Tel: 4313121, Mobile: 5284159) On B Ring 4 signals from Jaidah R/A
  • Al Afdaleya Co. (Tel: 4476161, Mobile: 5743382)
  • Al-RTG (Tel: 4580038, Mobile: 5891789) Near Salwa Road

Disclaimer: As telephone number may change without notice, I am not responsible for any inconveniences caused.

 UAE Visa

1.  Indonesia is not among 33 visa waiver countries. However, if you are GCC resident and have a high professional status such as company managers, business people, auditors, accountants, doctors, engineers, pharmacists, or working in the public sector, you and your families, drivers and personal staff sponsored by you, are eligible for a non-renewable 30-day visa upon arrival at the approved ports of entry. Otherwise, you need to get visa in advance from the nearest embassy.

Check UAE Immigration for details and the following site:  as requirements may vary from time to time.

2. Entry Visa (On Arrival) Fee is 125 AED per person including children. Exit Visa (when you exit UAE) is 20 AED.

Oman Visa

–          A Single Entry visa has been introduced by combining the tourist visa, business visa and short visit visa which now cease to exist. Upon arrival at any air, land or sea terminal, the citizens of the some countries can obtain a one month visa after filling and presenting the visa application form. Indonesian is eligible to be granted visa on arrival.

 –          Enter the Sultanate if you are a foreign resident in an AGCC state:

 It is granted to a foreigner who is resident in any member state of the Arab Gulf Cooperation Council (AGCC), provided that his occupation is not of low grade. It is also granted to members of their families, relatives and those in their company as long as they enter together.

  This visa is valid for staying the country for four weeks, and is extendable for one week.

 It is granted at the entry point directly.

 Fees: RO 3 (now RO 5) – ( RO 1 for entering Musandam Governorate Only ). Read steep hike in Oman Visa Fees  here

 Delay fine : RO 10 Per day .

 Requirements :

 An applicant must have valid residence permit in an AGCC state.

They should be in an occupation approved for entry.

 Their passport must be valid for not less than 6 months.

Families, drivers, servants, attendants, and dependants of those residents are eligible for this visa , provided that they present their labour cards, and their passport are valid for not less than 6 months .

 All nationalities in AGCC states are eligible for this visa.

 Source:   (Royal Oman Police)


 –          Make sure at least 6 month validity and sufficient blank pages available


–          Ensure you get exit permit from company/sponsor. It is recommended to bring a printed copy of exit letter just in case system is down.

–          Ensure you get vehicle exit letter from company, if financed through company. It might not be looked at but just in case being asked in border. [Asked your Public Relation Officer/Immigration Officer in your company if you need this, just in case there is recent development; similarly if financed through bank, ask your bank. heard from  my friend that letter from bank is never asked provided that your car is under your name]


–          Best to service your car before embarking

–          Consider applying mud paint to protect car from potential sand storm in Saudi Arabia area. Other alternative is to apply liquid dish wash soap. Normally they are applied on the front body including grill, side mirror shell, lower part of side body, rear fender, and front top body before sunroof. You can do mud painting yourself or have petrol station in Salwa road area to do it. DIY mud paint spray can could be bought in Carrefour automotive section for about 19 QAR. Depending on your car type, you need 4 or more cans for coating your car.

–          Consider bringing road emergency kit, ensure your car has good tires and a spare.

Mud Paint Spray Can
Mud Paint Spray Can
My mudpainted Mitsubishi Outlander
My mudpainted Mitsubishi Outlander


You are required to buy insurance at the border while entering Saudi, UAE & Oman for the duration of stay. The rate is 10 riyals/dirhams (or 1 omani riyals) per day per car. However minimum seven day insurance applies in Saudi and 10 days in UAE & Oman.

Insurance Paper  - examples (left to right: Saudi, UAE, Oman)
Insurance Paper - examples (left to right: Saudi, UAE, Oman)

Salik Tag in Dubai

Salik is like ERP (Emergency Road Pricing) in Singapore or toll in Indonesia. Salik has many gates, among others at the Bur Dubai entrance to Garhoud Bridge, on Sheikh Zayed Road after Mall of the Emirates on the way to Jebel Ali, at the Floating bridge, the second interchange (Safa Park) along Sheikh Zayed Road, and at Maktoum Bridge. There are no booth, and no need to stop as you drive through. Instead, you need to stick a tag to windscreen , which is read by radio frequency as it passes. It costs Dhs4 each time. Those that don’t have a card will be fined Dhs.50. You can get a salik tag from any petrol station in Dubai by paying 100 dirhams. You need to present your copy of istimarah and fill in application form. Before stick it on the car front windshield below the rear view mirror you need to activate it by calling number provided on the package (800 SALIK). You will be asked your Salik number, car number, chassis number, make and model, color, etc.

Signage of upcoming Salik Gate usually placed few kilometers before
Signage of upcoming Salik Gate usually placed few kilometers before

Speed Limits

Speed limits are usually 60kph to 80kph around town and 100kph to 120kph on major highways (note: speed limits from Saudi/UAE border to Abu Dhabi is 100kph). The speed limit is clearly indicated on road signs. Speeding fines begin at Dhs400 for being up to 10kph over the limit. Parking fines start at Dhs.100. No camera along 129km Saudi road, and some in Saudi/UAE border to Abu Dhabi (primarily when approaching towns/U-turn), and many (every 1-5km) in Abu Dhabi – Dubai road or Muscat – Nizwa. 

Customs Regulations

There are different customs regulations among countries; what prohibited and what allowed in certain quantity. Narcotics is obviously prohibited. No alcoholic drinks are allowed during journey through Saudi nor magazine with scantily dressed women or even any idols/statues. Potted plants might be required to send to quarantine which usually has a long queue of trucks.

Dealing with Border/Immigration Officers

Polite, patient, smile, nice and some simple Arabic greetings will do. Do not play any music or attending mobile phone while you are being serviced at any drive-in counters. Pull down all windows at the border crossing, to show your family members. Travelling with family in GCC country will usually make immigration process speedier.


Get a good map of the visited country or updated GPS for the trip. Although you might still get lost in road diversions in Dubai 🙂 . Dubai map can be easily downloaded from internet. A good Oman map is hard to find in Doha but can be obtained later at tourist corner inside Oman immigration building. Publications from ExplorerPublishing offer good source of tourist information. However no single book from Explorer can offer you good sides of both worlds (map & tourist guide). It’s either good in maps or in guides. Alternatively, browse http://www.liveworkexplore for online information.

Be informed traveller! Buy maps or guides to facilitate planning
Be informed traveller! Buy maps or guides to facilitate planning


UAE & Oman has different currencies than Qatar. UAE currency is AED (Dirhams/Dhs) and Oman is Omani Riyal (OMR/OR). AED to QAR is almost the same, but OMR to QAR is about 10 (1 OMR = 10 QAR).

It is advised that you carry small amount of Dirhams and Omani Riyal although Qatari Riyals are welcome by most petrol stations and also at immigration and insurance counters. If you travel with family of four and plan to go to Muscat and Musandam you need at least 3000 AED on hand to pay for UAE visa on arrival (x3), Oman Visa On Arrival (x2), exit visa, salik tag, petrol and insurance. This assumes that all your shopping expenses paid by using credit card.

 Travelling with Groups

Travelling with groups requires a lot of coordination and constant communication. It is advisable to bring HT (handy talkie). Each of us (a group of 3 families) used one pair HT that each HT is adequate to cover 3-5 hours of travelling depending on the intensity of usage, with coverage up to radius 2 km. Not only useful for travelling, HT is also useful for quick coordination in a big mall, hotel, or large point of interest. If you have power inverter (convert car DC power to AC power) this will help in recharging one set while another is being used. The cost for inverter is as low as QAR150 for 110W AC power; I bought 400W inverter for QAR189 in Carrefour.

It is also recommended that you travel with no more than 4 cars. Above that will cause much waiting time and quite complex coordination. If so, try to separate into 2 groups. Pick trip leader who already knows the area and road or someone who has a GPS or good map.


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    Sudah Graduate Long Distance Driving.
    Well Travelled and well written in this nice website.
    See you on the next trip.
    Good and Proud of you…

  2. Hi,
    I was really impressed with your blog on how to travel to UAE by road.I’m planning to travel by road with my family. Is it possible to obtain Dubai visa from the embassy in Qatar? Planning to tour Dubai for 10 days.
    my findings , its easy to get transit visa, if i have Saudi visa.
    Note: I’m not from those 33 countries listed.
    I’m working for semi government company as Instrument technicians.Please provide information on visa and any contact details that can help my trip.

    1. Hi Gyloo,
      Thanks for visiting my blog.
      Regarding UAE visa. Although you’re not a citizen from those 33 countries, but being a GCC resident in Qatar you might still be able to get UAE visa on arrival. Please check if you have “Mohandis” (means Engineer) written on your Qatar ID (bottom center). I have my friends an operator – Indonesian – who was able to get visa on arrival.

      To get Saudi transit visa you don’t necessarily need to get UAE visa. Just go to the Saudi visa agent and you will get Saudi transit visa in 5 working days.
      I have no experience on dealing with obtaining UAE visa in Qatar. But I heard that you need to go back and forth several times to UAE Embassy. Hope this helps and good luck with your trip.

  3. What a blast you and your family must’ve had in UAE and Oman~!

    My family and I, group of 8 will be going to UAE and we are planning to venture into some part of Oman as well. That’s how I stumble into your wonderful blog.

    We are planning to get a bus, but it is a bit scary I think, especially to drive to Fujairah and Khasab…, also the salik tag that seemed to scary. Not forgetting the daunting looking Visa checkpoints.

    We will be travelling during the Christmas period, hope everything goes well. (Already I feel a lot better, reading all the informations you’ve posted in this blog so far)

    I will definitely come back for more!

  4. Hi

    this is fantastic blog,im planing to visit to Oman by road on 7,8,9,th January.This is very usefull for me,
    Can we get transit visa on arraival @ UAE Border?
    If KSA is giving 3 days to cross the border,are we able to go to Riyadh for a visit?
    to get KSA visa, do we hv to get Oman visa first?
    Females has to were Abaya during KSA drive?
    what will be the full cost during drive?(visa+insurance ect 4 members in the family)



    1. Thank you for your nice comment. And good luck and have an enjoyable trip.
      Transit visa is given by KSA and this shall be pre-obtained before departure. UAE visa on arrival can be obtained in UAE border provided that the applicant meets visa on arrival requirements as I indicated in posting above and on the link provided. We don’t need to have Oman visa first to obtain KSA transit visa.
      Riyadh can be reached between 4-6 hours (?). If this is your transit point prior to go to UAE I think you can manage to not exceed 3 days. It is best recommended that you enter KSA at the beginning of the day to have benefit from the longer transit time.
      Modesty is the key for woman entering KSA, however, wearing abaya or hijab is recommended.
      Full cost:
      KSA transit visa: 500 QR for 4
      Insurance: 100 SR for 10 days
      UAE visa: 500 AED for 4
      UAE insurance: 70 AED for 7 days
      Oman visa: 3 OR per person
      Oman insurance: 10 OR for 10 days

  5. Hello,

    I am really impressed with this article! Lots of good information. I just have two small questions:
    You write that “Transit visa is valid 30 days since date of issued and you have only 3 days from date of entry into Saudi to cross the border into UAE and vice versa”. Does that mean you have three days times for the whole trip to UAE and back or 3 days for each leg of the trip?

    And finally: I love taking photos. Am I allowed to stop on the main road or take a little detour if I see something interesting along the way in Saudi? Of course I’m not talking about taking photos of people but of the landscape. I’m a bit worried I might end up in problems if I leave the main road but can’t find any information. Thanks.

    1. Hi Marc, thanks for the comment.
      1. What I mean is once you enter Saudi you shall be out within 3 days.
      2. You can take a detour but make sure you don’t take any pictures associated with military, government.

      Hope this clear for you

  6. FaNtAsTiCcc information you have provided on your website, appreciate the helpful info. I plan to visit Mussandam this Eid Al Fitr holiday, will write info update if any.

  7. Congratulations…on this wonderfully compiled infromation about a road trip from Qatar to Muscat.
    I am planning to drive to Qatar from Muscat during mid-November and your information will be immensely useful.
    I believe that you have just about covered everything and leaves nothing unanswered.
    However, if I need your expert advise while I plan my trip, I shall revert to you.
    Great job…..

  8. Mas wahyu, trims atas sharing info-nya yang sangat bermanfaat. Insya Allah saya sekeluarga berencana trip ke UAE via darat libur eid al-adha mendatang, dan info mas wahyu ini tentunya menjadi guidance penting buat kami.
    BTW, kemarin urus transit visa Saudi via agen mana? Dari beberapa agen tsb. diatas, ada yg recommended (in terms of waktu penyelesaian, biaya, servis)?

    Cecep (Qatalum)

    1. Nuhun Kang Cecep.
      Saya dulu pakai Al Ihsan Khaleej Services. Service-nya sih tidak terlalu prima: banyak nama yang kurang huruf, salah satu anggota keluarga cuma dapat one way transit visa instead of roundtrip, tapi masalahnya cuma dia yang bisa dihubungi…hehehe..

      Have a nice and safe trip Kang.

  9. Thanks for great informative blog.

    My friends Saudi resident having labour visa, wants visit UAE in coming holidays. Has wife and son of 12 yrs. I want to sponser them for the visit. I know they can come by air.

    Can they come by road? is it allowed? if yes, what will be charges / expenses.

      1. Thanks Wahyu Hidyat and yes I am active on QL and I did pick the link to your blog from the QL. It is indeed a good refernce.
        I am planning to travel to UAE & Oman in mid December and I am reading your blog and picking the important tips and points.
        Thanks once again.

  10. Assalamu alaikum brother
    Thanks for the well written info!
    Do you know if there is a Saudi Agent in Al Khor?
    Many thanks

    1. Waalaikumsalam Marisa.
      Those are the only approved Saudi agents. As far as I know no agents located at Al Khor. The closest one from Al Khor is Al Kanz in Al Gharaffa, which is about half an hour drive through al shamal road.

  11. Hi Wahyu!

    As said earlier, I am travelling next to UAE and Musandam (Oman). Your blog helped me alot to put up my travel plans.
    One question : Is it possible to get the required insurance for UAE from the insurance agent here in Qatar? or only its available at KSA/UAE border?

    Thanks again and stay healthy.

    1. Khanan, I am not so sure with the insurance. I googled and all those four insurance companies do not have branches here in Qatar. Sorry for not be able of any help. Or should we inquire saudi visa agent?

  12. hi
    I suppose to go qatar through road way in my car so i would like to know about what are the requirements need and how many km ?
    pls help me

    1. May I know where are you now? Like in any GCC country, you need to get visa to go to Qatar. If you are resident and have valid professions you can get visa on arrival. Otherwise you need to have someone in Qatar to sponsor you or to arrange through agent/hotel/airlines.

      Good luck!

  13. Excellent information ! Thank you very much, now I am planning to go a trip. But My car is under my name and its under bank loan, so still do i need to obtain a letter from the Bank?

    1. Thank you for the commendation. The letter from bank is in fact never asked by border officers…so I don’t think you need that as long as the car is under your name. My car was under my name with company loan. Never asked in border though I prepared the letter. My friend passed the border without being asked about letter from the bank. Hope you won’t get any problem. Better check to your bank though.

  14. Thanks Wahyu,

    I checked with the bank and they said letter is not required but they said still you want the letter then bring a Guarantor and then they can provide a letter.

    How can I make sure that in the Border they won’t ask the letter, I tried to get the contact number of the Border immigration but still couldn’t.

    In your case I believe that its Company loan and nothing mentioned about that in the Car Registration card. but when we buy the car through bank loan, then bank details mentioned on the Car registration.

    Now I am trying to find a Guarantor for me to get the letter. hope everything will workout well.

    Once again Thank you very much for your assistance.

  15. i am having GCC resident card of UAE. My mother and father has came to visit us for 3 months on visitor visa. They want to visit Oman after completion of their UAE visa. As we r staying in Alain, can they drive through car to Oman if i get their visa of Oman or they have to travel by air to Oman to visit muscat. I am doctor and Indian.

    1. If your parents have an Oman Visa they can enter Oman by land or by plane. However, if your parents do not have a Oman Visa yet and are intending to apply for one at the Oman Embassy in UAE, then they will probably not get the Visa because an applicant can only apply for a Visa in the country where the applicant resides permanently. This is the general rule for visa applications. But to be sure, do check with the Oman Embassy in UAE.


    1. Hi, I think the cost component is written in the post. I dont know situation in UAE but in Qatar Saudi transit visa cost is 125QAR per passport. Insurance about 10 rial per day. Hope this helps

  17. Salam Brother,

    I’m planning a trip to UAE and Oman. My question is do we need two UAE visas as we will be exiting from the UAE on the way to Oman or the visa is eligible for multiple entries for returning back to Doha?

    1. You will need to have two visas, one each for entering UAE. There is a multiple entry visa but normally for business-type visa.

  18. Thanks for the great info.
    One question please -its about vizas/transit/cost…..How much all (entering/exit) vizas will be for family with 2 kids less then 8.
    If I get transit viza for Saudi for Qatar….when coming back that’s still valid, right? This applies to other vizas/countries too?

    Appreciate your input

    1. Dear Amra, I am not sure where you reside now. In Qatar, Saudi Transit Visa (round trip) can be obtained from agencies for QR135 per passport

  19. Sorry forget to mentione – my calculation 1 way for all vizas (enter/exit) = around QR 1130… does this apply when coming back 🙂


  20. Nice blog. Dear Brother, could you please let me know that how many photographs are required at KSA-UAE border for Visa on Arrival? What background it should have (i.e. Blue, White or Red). I’ll also appreciate if you can provide either the form or link for visa on arrival form.
    Best regards,
    Mohammad Faisal

    1. Dear Faisal, you don’t need to carry photograph. You will be taken photograph/eye scan in the UAE border.

  21. thanks for the great information. i havae one question, if there is any typr multiple entry vis to uae, because my profession in qatar does not include in UAE onaarival visa list.

    could you please reply to me ASAP.


    1. Dear Faisal, as per

      Multiple-entry Visas are issued to business visitors who have a relationship with either a multinational or other reputable local company, and who are frequent visitors to the UAE. This type of visa is valid for six months from the date of issue and the duration of each stay is 30 days. The validity is non-renewable. The cost of this visa is AED 1,000.
      The visitor must enter the UAE on a Visit Visa and obtain the Multiple Entry Visa while in the country. The visa is stamped on the passport.

  22. Dear Mr. Wahyu

    Nice to see your blog and by honest it is a great tip those who wish to travel to UAE.

    1. I would like to know is it the same procedure those who traveling from UAE, who has a UAE resident visa with high profession.

    2. And for the Saudi transit visa, is it possible to get it on Saudi boarder.

    3. As per your mail the car insurance will be available at Saudi and Qatar boarder, right? Not required it to arrange before my travel

    your kind advice will be highly appreciable

    Thanks and best Regards

    1. Hi Anil,
      Thank you for visiting. To answer your questions:
      1. If you mean traveling from UAE to Qatar then it is yes. There is a list of 184 professions that are acknowledged by Qatari border for visa on arrival. GCC resident with high profession is able to get visa on arrival.
      2. it is NOT possible to get Saudi transit visa on Saudi border.
      3. Car insurance agencies available at Saudi and Qatar border. You don’t need to arrange it before your travel.

      Hope this helps.

      1. Hello Mr. Wahyu
        Thanks your kind information. I will check the agents here to obtain Saudi transit visa

  23. Hi Wahyu
    one more question to travel from UAE to Qatar.
    Is there any problem to using my company car to cross saudi and entering in to Qatar. the car registered with my company name.

    1. Hi Anil, you should carry with you a statement letter (NOC) from your company that it has no objection that you drive its property out of country. Your immigration officer/HR staff surely know about this letter.

  24. Thanks Mr. Wahyu for summarizing your road trip . I’ll be leaving tomorrow Insha’Allah for UAE road trip. Eid Mubarak in advance!

    1. Thanks Zeeshan. Have a safe and enjoyable trip. Please provide any feedback if there is any change in the border process or route. Eid Mubarak too to you and your family.

  25. Dear Mr. Wahyu,

    Thanks for the great post. It is so helpful for a new person like me!

    I am new in Qatar. Previously I have been working in UAE and I have a car there which is under bank loan. I am still paying the monthly installments from here. Can I bring my car after paying all the balance loan amount? From your post, I know now, I have to arrange Saudi transit visa from certain agencies. Is there any problem if I fly from Qatar to UAE and come with my car by road. I will fulfill all the requirements by Bank and RTA to get the NOC from Bank and RTA.

    Kindly Advice.

    Thanking you once again


    1. I am not sure about formalities in UAE but in Qatar you need to report/and obtaining a letter, to Traffic Police for “exporting” the car. Surrender your plate number and fix Qatar Export plate number. You may want to consult Traffice police Department for the process. Good luck.

  26. Can you please help with following Information
    1. My wife is Chinese and I am British, what proof of marriage do we need at border
    2. As she has Qatar Residence permit is she allowed to enter U.A.E on that basis
    3. Is there any age restrictions on car at Saudi and U.A.E. borders
    4. How long do you think the journey will take to Dubai based on normal driving, border crossings and say 1 or 2 15 mins rest breaks
    5. Will there be any hassles if we bring back a car load of good (for personal use) not restricted items

    1. Hi John, your wife RP/Qatar ID will indicate who is her sponsor, this should match with your name. I was never asked proof of marriage in the border though as a matter of security I bring marriage certificate. As she has Qatar RP she is allowed to enter UAE. No restrictions of any age on car at Saudi and UAE borders. The journey to Dubai will take about 9-10 hours including border crossings. I don’t think there is any hassle if you bring back a car load of goods. I once loaded my car full of IKEA items and it’s ok. Good luck with your journey

  27. Assalamu’alaikum ..
    Pak Wahyu,, tks atas sharingnya.. sy ada rencana ke Qatar dari Oman, mau tanya klo masuk ke Qatar atau saudi perlu bawa surat2 mobil apa saja? apa cukup istimarah? apa bener untuk asuransi bisa beli di border masuk Ksa dan Qatar?dan utk VOA Qatar bayar brp? terima kasih atas jawabannya

    1. Mbak Vita, kalo mo masuk Qatar cukup bawa istimarah saja (dan driving license tentu saja). Asuransi tersedia di border Saudi dan Qatar. Biaya Qatar VoA kalo gak salah QR100.

  28. a few more questions:
    – what should one budget per person for meals in Oman?
    – any recommendations on places to eat at?
    – any recommendations on places to visit?

  29. Hi Wahyu,

    Firstly your blog is great and very detailed. I will be making a trip to Abu Dhabi this weekend and now preparing all the papers. My PRO told me that he will get it before the weekend. I hope all will go smoothly.

    Just a little correction. Singapore’s ERP I believe stands for Electronic Road Pricing, not Emergency Road Pricing 🙂

    Thanks again for all your info

    1. Uupps….it’s probably my unconscious writing as I am more aware of ERP as Emergency Response Plan :)…thanks for the correction. Have a smooth trip

  30. Hi one question. Can we use credit card for all the transaction at the border crossing, both Qatar-KSA and KSA-UAE and return as well?

    1. Hi. Not that I am aware of. Suggest preparing enough amount for cash transactions. Qatari riyal is accepted though.

  31. What I meant was to prepare/bring sufficient cash for border transaction as I am not aware if credit card could be used

    1. Yes I understand. Have got cash to cover but will try credit card as that would be easier and then post back to let you know if credit card can be used. My PRO submitted my application on Sunday afternoon and got it back yesterday afternoon. So I am good to go to Abu Dhabi.

      Once again thanks for all the valuable info you have posted

  32. Hi Mr Wahyu,
    Nice to see your blog.
    I am a UAE resident. I would like to go to qatar by road with my wife, with my own car. Shall I go direct to Qatar border and take on arrival visa, car insurance, all document procedure from there? If not what documents want to prepare from U.A.E other than visa before the journey? Any travel agents is in DUBAI for these documents?
    Thank you

    1. Hi Sabah, ummm it may be very late reply. Sorry! The issue is with Saudi transit visa. You need to secure Saudi transit visa before your departure. It can’t be obtained in Saudi border. I remember one of my blog reader posting about an agent in Dubai. Try to see my other post on border process and look for comments on that subjects.

  33. Hi Mr. Wahyu.

    I am a resident in Qatar in my profession is engineer, i am planning to travel in Emirates this coming June 15 and i will stay in Emirates for maximum 17 days.

    My question is do i need to get a 17 days Saudi car insurance or the Saudi visa agent here in qatar will arrange that for me?

    1. Hi Jerry, you can buy Saudi car insurance at the car insurance booth in Saudi border (second last booth – called Tawuniya). You need to buy insurance to cover your days in Saudi. In your case you may buy 17days of insurance (probably only available for 3 weeks or 1 month) or buy one week (minimum) for departure trip and buy another one week when you return. See which one is cheaper. Insurance cost is approximately 10 riyals per day.

  34. Hi Mr Wahyu
    I haveing dual visa Qatar and UAE . How many months I can use here in UAE with Qatar number plate car. Example i can use 4 months? from border they will issue 4 months insurance.

    1. It covers any trip valid under its duration. If for example you requested a 10-day insurance and your return trip falls within this 10-day, your trip is covered. Insurance is available for one week, 10-day, 2 weeks and one month I guess, with premium of about 10 SAR/AED per day.

  35. Hi Wahyu,
    I plan to drive to UAE from Doha during Eid holidays. I have only a third party insurance coverage for my car. Is there any restriction for me to travel with a 3rd party insurance. Also I would like to know from you about travelling to UAE during Eid time.
    Awiating a reply.

    Thanks and regards,

    K.Nair, Doha, Qatar

    1. Hi K. Nair, it shouldn’t be a problem. I drove several times with 3rd party insurance. You shall have a third party insurance for Saudi and UAE anyway which can be bought in their respective borders. Travelling during Eid time, you should expect longer border crossing time than usual. It depends on which day Eid falls and when and what time do you travel. I never travel during Eid. I found out that starting before Fajr (say 2-3am) in Qatar border speeded up the border process.

  36. Salamalaikkum Wahyu,

    My Car Isthimara is valid for another 2 weeks. Can I drive to Dubai. I will be back in Doha before the Isthimara expires? Any suggestions Please???

    Sarthaj Salam,

  37. Hi Wahyu
    My last transit visa is stamped on 06/10/2013 34/12/01 and I went UAE for EID Holidays . It tells that VISA validty is 60 days
    Can I travell through KSA with same visa to Bahrain on 17/12/2013 for a week holdays?

    Santhosh V P

  38. Hello Wahyu,

    Thank you for this very informative blog post.

    I am relocating from the UAE to Qatar and choosing to drive my own vehicle for this relocation. I am aware of all the necessary export documents and plates I need to acquire in the UAE. Among the requirements is four days of export insurance. Might you know if this export insurance covers the need for the purchase of additional insurance at both the SA border and the Qatari border?

    Abu Dhabi

  39. hi.
    this is so helpful .planning to visit dubai on eid vocation..which vehicle would you recommend for a safe drive. can we go by our car or a 4×4 is a must for such long drive???

  40. i am a saudi resident and planning to drive this hajj holidays to uae and oman. my concern is when i return from oman via uae, do i have to pay again the visa fees for uae. or do i have any alternate visa like multiple when i stamping it in saudi uae boarder while entering uae first?

    1. Yes. You have to pay again. You may inquire about transit visa UAE when in UAE border. I havent tried it yet

  41. Hi,

    The website is very helpful,
    me and my husband planning to visit oman this weekend, to make our trip little more comfortable, we are taking our brothers 4WD, with us. is there will be any issue, if we take someone’s car to border, as it is covered the oman insurance as well. kindly give suggestions.

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