UAE & Oman Trip: Itinerary & Distances

“So little time so much to do……”

 With limited time already allocated for summer trip, the need for itinerary, estimated travel time and list of points of interest to be visited is quite essential. This will save a lot of time in destination. Most cities in UAE are about one to two hours away from nearby city making hopping from one POI to another POI is easily managed. This is somewhat different with Muscat. Muscat is about 500km away from Abu Dhabi via Sohar (in east coast) or 560km via Western Hajar areas. This requires few isolated days just for travelling time.

This is our actual itinerary that we ended up:

Day 1 – Doha – Abu Dhabi – Al Ain – Sohar – Muscat

Day 2 – Muscat

Day 3 – Muscat – Nizwa – Ibri – Al Ain – (New Schwaib) – (Al Dhaid) – Masafi – Fujairah

Day 4 – Fujairah

Day 5 – Fujairah – Khor Fakkan – Dibba – Ras Al Khaimah – Khasab (Musandam)

Day 6 – Musandam

Day 7 – Musandam – Ras Al Khaimah – Umm Al Quwain – Ajman – Sharjah – Dubai

Day 8 – Dubai

Day 9 – Dubai

Day 10 – Dubai

Day 11 – Dubai – Abu Dhabi – Doha


UAE & Oman Trip 2009 - Our Actual Driving Routes
UAE & Oman Trip 2009 - Our Actual Driving Routes


Determining Point of Interests

The easiest way to determine point of interest in destination city is to ask resident there. So if you have friends or relatives there, you’d better use them. If this is not possible, use the following tips:

  1. Browse Wikitravel ( )  as a starting point as well as specific destination , .
  2. Browse specific country tourism government agencies

              UAE Tourism

              Oman Tourism

      3.   Check websites of any tour agents at destination offering city tour. There must be published itinerary for half-day, full day or more than one day. Pick any POI that you might be interested in.

      4.   Check trip advisor or virtual tourist for review of city, hotel or point of interests. ,

      5.  Check maps, location of POI on online maps. You might want to save coordinates as well.

            Google Maps


             Google Earth

 If you are travelling with groups of families, it is important to determine common interests first and then to cater/compromise on some individual interests. We found that going to POI that can serve the entire family member interests saved much time. Many missions accomplished in one go. For example, going to The Dubai Mall where children can go to Dubai Aquarium/Underwater Zoo, and adults to fashion shopping and electronic shopping.

Individual city POI will be explained later when we come to individual city travelog.


Listed below are selected city distances. Detailed distances can be seen on the attached distances table across UAE & Oman.

Doha (Al Gharafa) – Qatar border: 98 km – Saudi border (next 10km)

Saudi/Qatar border – Saudi/UAE border (Al Sila/Gheweifat): 129 km

Saudi/UAE border – Abu Dhabi (Corniche Road): 360 km


Abu Dhabi – Al Ain: 160 km

Abu Dhabi – Dubai: 145 km

Al Ain – Fujairah: 190 km (via Masafi), 193 km (via Hatta, Munay, Khor Kalba), 185km (via Maleihah, Shawka, Munay , Kalba)

Fujairah – Hatta: 72km

Al Ain – Sohar: 115 km

Sohar – Muscat: 230 km

Muscat – Nizwa: 175 km (Muscat – Seeb: 38 km, Seeb – Nizwa: 137km)

Nizwa – Ibri: 135km

Ibri – Al Ain: 160km (to border) and next 25 km to Al Ain city

Fujairah – Dibba: 62km

Dibba – Al Dara (UAE/Musandam border): 120 km

Al Dara – Khasab town: 50km

Driving Distances UAE & Oman
Driving Distances UAE & Oman


  1. Do not rely on distances in estimating travel time. Speed limit, city areas, road conditions (i.e. highway, single carriageway/double carriage way, mountainous areas), day time/night time and border crossing time, all affects travelling time. Better asking someone who had driven through that particular routes.
  2. UAE and Oman has very good network of road throughout their countries with very good condition, well maintained and properly sign posted and numbered. Nevertheless, travelling on dual carriage way is preferred than on single carriage way, as for travelling during day time.

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