UAE & Oman Trip: Wrap Up, Best Practices/Lesson Learned & One Riyal Thoughts

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UAE & Oman Summer Trip: Plus and Minus
Preparation – Immigration,  Documentation, Car
Itinerary and Distances
Accommodation Review
Crossing 16 borders – A step by step process
Day 1 – Doha – Muscat: 4 countries, 6 borders, 1105 km
Day 2 – Muscat – Why you’ll want to visit again and again

Day 3 – Part 1 – Muscat – Nizwa – Back to old Oman and visit areas home to stunning views
Day 3 – Part 2 – Ibri – Al Ain – Fujairah –Summer Rain,  Sandstorm, and Border Blues
Day 4 – Fujairah
Day 5 – Fujairah – Musandam
Day 6 – Musandam – The Norway of Arabia
Day 7 – Musandam – Khasab Town, Khasab Castle/Museum and Road to Dubai
Day 8-10 – Dubayy – A City of Superlatives
Day 8-10 – Dubai – Mall-to-Mall Adventure (Shopping, Fountain, Aquarium, Underwater Zoo, Ski Dubai)
Day 8-10 – Dubai – Jumeirah: Mosque, Madinat Jumeirah, Burj Al Arab
Day 8-10 – Dubai – The Palm Jumeirah
Day 8-10 – Dubai – Dubai Heritage Village and Museum
Day 11 – Dubai – (Abu Dhabi) – Doha – No trips last forever

UAE & Oman Trip - Actual Routes
UAE & Oman Trip – Actual Routes

Best Practices & Lesson Learned
(to be elaborated later)

  1. Let’s get lost Be an informed travelers
  2. Accept the fact that you will gonna miss something.
  3. Use GPS as a map not a perfect guide.
  4. Been there. Done that. Hit the must or you will regret
  5. Give an allowance and prepare a backup
  6. Learn how to pack efficiently
  7. There is always  a better way to do and have something
  8. Know some Arabic vocabulary particularly for use in immigration
  9. Safety is still your paramount priority

One riyal thoughts:

  1. Travelled in family-oriented countries is a privilege you have to get benefits from.
  2. The different cultures among Qatar, Saudi, UAE & Oman are summed up best by an experience exiting and returning through the borders! Experience them and share how you compare them!
  3. Observe how Qatari, Saudis, Emiratis and Omani dress in their national gear. Can you spot the similarities and differences?
  4. Qtel was very nice by sending us nice greetings (though a computer generated text message) while we’re abroad, wished a nice stay and provided us with Qatar Embassy number in destinations.
  5. What can we take away from different petrol prices among Qatar, Saudi, UAE & Oman? As does with speed camera?
  6. A single GCC currency and visa is a must, I think.
  7. I wish a disputed/undefined border is resolved so that there is a direct road to UAE from Qatar

Special Thanks to:

  1. My kids for being nice during the trips and my wife for her excellent companionship during the trips
  2. Mochamad Taufiq Fuady and his family: Teh Ratih, Naresya, Kayla, and Marden Pasaribu and his family: Tante Ita, Bang Ray, Dissa, Blessva for making this trip with all of you unforgettable experience. Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, next?

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