Good News from Indonesia

Bad news is good news for media. As we live in the world where global opinion can be easily shaped up by the media, we sometimes can hardly separate the fact from the perceived opinion. How many times did you read good news from Indonesia in the world newspaper? How many times did you read the contrary? These consistent exposure of bad news of Indonesia that shaped up the way others perceive Indonesia, unfortunately.

Indonesia is not always about natural disasters, or corruption, or other low level ranking. We stand proudly with many positive things among nations, or within ourselves.

The below website provides an updated list of positive things about Indonesia. And the good news is that the website is voluntarily established and maintained by young Indonesians who care about and want to contribute to Indonesia. And we, as Indonesian expatriates should do the same in the best possible way as much as we can. Perform the best at work, behave the best at public, at road, and so on. We are the ambassadors of Indonesia. Show the world our positives!


Among in the list:

– Discovery Channel Military edition 2008 broadcasted Indonesia as the world’s third best elite forces

– Indonesian company, Martha Tilaar, has won the ASEAN Business Award as Best of the Best in Innovative Industry in big company category

– Indonesian riffle now goes global

– Kopi Luwak the most expensive coffee

– Largest sea fish producers

– Asia’s best performing market

– Bali, the best island in Asia Pacific

– Indonesian students from Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) won a Microsoft international computer software competition held in Cairo, Egypt

– Robot DU-114-V8 from the Computer University of Indonesia, Bandung, won a gold medal in the International Robo Games held in San Francisco, California

-……….the list goes more and more

Quoted from the website:

Good News From Indonesia is your independent and trusted premier source of all kinds of good news from Indonesia. Our vision is clearly defined within good news, with no intervention from political, religious, or any private interest that might harm our independence.

Good News From Indonesia is committed to sharing only good news because we appreciate positiveness and optimism; and especially from Indonesia because we believe our country has a lot of good things to offer. And it is also our intent to show the world of the brighter side of Indonesia so that they can see and understand us in the best possible way.

If you want to have a complete picture of Indonesia, you better check the website out!