Making Eid Holiday Enjoyable

With 5-8 calendar-day holiday (some companies give straight one week off including Wed & Thurs although the official holiday is 3 days starting the first day of Eid), everyone seems wonder how to spend it. Qatarliving is full of questions on how to spend the holiday or if any programs are being planned in Doha/Qatar on those festive days. Some plan to reconnect the links with relatives and friends, some plan to fly to home countries, or drive to Dubai or Bahrain, and some just simply spending time with sleeping and laziness. Doha itself is not quite friendly to fun-filled activity seeker or entertainment goers. Not so much to do in here, except if you have social life or have planned it properly.

So here what I have planned for Eid Holiday:

Day 1 – Eid praying at Indonesian Embassy. Call parents and family members in Indonesia. Attend and be a host of gathering with Indonesians at Al Wadi complex, when not-to-be-missed Ketupat awaits for. Watch English Premier League Super Sunday. In the evening, attend – again – gathering with Indonesians at Regency Residence, continued with as-usual fun card playing, scrabble, dominos etc.

Day 2 – Head to Al Khor Community for another gathering. Possible detour to Madinat Al Shamal. Spend evening at City Center Mall to watch The International Troupe Show (dancing shows from Asia, Europe, America and Arabia) and have a dinner there.

Day 3 – Lounging at home in the morning. Plan to visit Dukhan and back afternoon.

Who said Doha is boring?


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