4-riyal Lunch?

Where on the Earth (of Qatar) can you get a decent and stomach-filling lunch for 4 riyals?

– Yes you can. In QG Ras Laffan Canteen!

4 riyals is what QG charged (through salary deduction) to its employee for each lunch. That’s for senior staff. For junior staff, it’s even much less: 2.5 riyal! But if you pay peanut you’ll get monkey right? Not really. It’s a good lunch tough.

QG Ras Laffan canteen is managed by AMWAJ – a catering company. To be able to have a lunch in the canteen you can either: scan your employee badge barcode, state your staff number to receptionist, or use a coupon. If you use a coupon (contact your secretary), you will notice that Amwaj charges you QR25. So 4 riyal or 2.5 riyal lunch is a subsidized one.

Once you get in the canteen, you will see to separate buffet serving counter, then in the middle is salad and drink island and next to it is dessert and fruit table. The canteen hall is large enough to accommodate about 200 employees I think. There is a separate ladies dining room in the hall. Menu is a combination of Arabic, Indian, Continental, and sometimes Philipine cuisines. Majority of the menu is Indian, so you’ll need to get used to it. For those who are Indians, congratulation you are as happy as in your home country.

Plain rice, mutton rice, or briyani rice are almost available everyday. For westerners you can take either french fries or mashed potatoes, or grilled potatoes. For continental, there are normally pizza, noodle, or macaroni. For main dish, you can expect mutton, fish, beef,  chicken and less frequently seafood. Then you have 4 Indian dishes! available everyday.

Salad island is a good provision.At least you will have 5-6 different type of salads. Really a treat. For drinks, soft drink dispenser, three juice dispensers, bottled water, canned soft drink are available. For dessert, you will have choices of 2-3 fruits, and 3-4 dessert (at least one of them Arabian sweets or cake), and lastly ice cream.

If that’s not enough, you can take fruits or bottled water, canned drink to your office although they are strictly prohibited.

Those who are working outside QG plants or HQ building are normally served with onsite catering (I heard that in one of the satellite office (project office) the onsite catering serves Japanese cuisines to accommodate large Japanese /Korean workers in the project. The workers however can opt to go to Ras Laffan canteen for their lunch.

BTW don’t compare RL lunch with Doha lunch. Ask Doha employees why! You will be glad to work in Ras Laffan.

QG Canteen Menu
An example of daily QG Ras Laffan lunch