Al Khor or Doha?

Sometimes it’s a must but sometimes it is a choice. Difficult decision to some QG Ras Laffan-based employees who need to trade-off at some points.

Why living in Al Khor Community?

  • Living in a secure, safe, gated, well-controlled camp
  • Living with many friends nearby
  • Excellent clubs, restaurants, and recreational facilities
  • Close to Ras Laffan – 18km to RLIC Gate
  • It’s a must due to operational requirement (i.e. shift employees)
  • You don’t like shopping, malling, or clubbing as your past times
  • Living in peaceful environment, stay away from the hectic of a city
  • Your kids school at Al Khor International School
  • More saving? for less shopping?

Why not to living in Al Khor Community:

  • No shopping malls (Lulu Hypermarket is underconstruction)
  • Limited choice of amenities and services
  • Away from the center of activities in Doha (once you’re in you’ll bit lazy to go out of camp)
  • You’ll not get a club allowance QR10,000 a year
  • Your monthly allowance is deducted for QR800 a month
  • Your circle of friend is mostly QG and RG

Why living in Doha

  • Close to center of activities (i.e. you don’t need to go driving 40km just to watch an exhibition or festival or activity)
  • You’ll receive a club allowance QR10,000 per year
  • Possibility of meeting friends outside QG & RG more frequently
  • Close to malls, amenities and services
  • Boring? Just jump out to a mall or cafe in just few minutes

Why not living in Doha

  • If you live in central/southern Doha and you work in Ras Laffan, traffic will be your best friend
  • You need to travel 70km to Ras Laffan for work


  • You get financial allowance but you need to be on the road 1 hour longer each day
  • Your kids school in Doha, so you need to live in Doha although working inRas Laffan.
  • You’ll get more quality time but reduced allowance and away from center of activities

So which one do you like?