Ah, winter

Contrary to some popular beliefs, Qatar experiences another half of colder period during when mild winter occurs. Temperature starts dropping from October. When you can normally encounter 39 C maximum temperature in September, in October it becomes maximum 35 and minimum 23 C.

Just this morning, during my drive from Doha to Ras Laffan, I switched off the AC and let the sunroof open to allow chilly winds circulating inside my car. My car termometer recorded 21 C at 7 AM (then it must have hit below 20 at midnight).

Qatar Seasonal Temperature Average (data from wunderground.com)

January is believed to have been the coldest month during which temperature can drop to 7-9 C and can only reach 22 maximum. What happen during winter in qatar?

  • Many sporting events held, benefited from the colder atmosphere, such as SonyEricsson Championship, ExxonMobil Qatar Open (tennis), hydrojet race, football friendly games, MotoGP, drag race, music festival, etc.
  • Beaches, deserts and popular camping spots are flanked with residents for camping, dune bashing or BBQ
  • Time to switch off AC and turn on heater
  • Time to use your colelction of winter clothes that have been under long hibernation inside the wardrobe
  • Time to go out – sports exercise, walk, go to parks
  • Might expect rain in isolated days – uhh how I miss rain
  • Might expect fog