One Year Lookback

26 November 2009 marks my first year in Qatar. As when I departed to Qatar a year ago with some personal and career objectives, it is now the time to lookback how far have I gone.

I still remembered the difficult days, that first one or two month, when I was filled with anxiety over the decision I’ve taken. Was it the correct decision I took? And when I lookback, it might be one of the best decision I’ve taken (others being a decision to pursue a master degree in Singapore, and married a wonderful woman). As the time progressed, I acquired the equilibrium, settled the life, and catched with the pace of life and work here.

On the personal objectives, I set three objectives:

1. Pay visits to Holy Land: one Hajj and one Umrah – Hajj done this year. Umrah planned next two years. (50%)

2. Travelled to GCC countries, Jordan, one of the African countries, and Europe: travelled to UAE, Oman, and Saudi. Jordan is planned in 2011, while Europe is planned 2012. Bahrain and one of the African countries (most probably Egypt) are planned in 2010.

3. Pay all installments in Indonesia, and reach certain amounts of savings: All installments is paid. Savings yet to achieve (40% to target)

On the career objectives, I set another 3 objectives:

1. Acquire knowledge on LNG, and gas industries. In progress (I can say 30%)

2. Being promoted to Lead Engineer. Not yet. My goal is by the third year. Otherwise I need to review if is it my mistake or company mistake?

3. Certified in one of the professional institution. Target in 2010 either CSP (Certified Safety Professional) or NEBOSH Fire and Risk Assessment Certificate.

So overall, I can say that I meet 27.5% of the target. It’s quite behind the target considering all objectives to be achieved within 3 years (my original plan is to stay at least 3 years, by then I will review with my family if we should prolong our stay). In the next following years more targets to be met, more hard work required in order to be going home with all objectives in hand! Wish me luck.


One thought on “One Year Lookback”

  1. Wahyu,

    See the comparison from me:

    Personal objectives:

    1. 0 %. Insya Allah will go for Umrah March next year

    2. I’ve been to Dubai only. Try to seek from Emirates Holiday. It was QAR 6,700 for 2 adults, 1 children, 1 infant; air ticket, 3 nights at 5 stars hotel (Emirates Tower), limo airport transport, free shuttle bus, free ticket to Wild Wadi Water Park, etc.

    3. No installment, no pay 🙂 More focus on saving, alhamdulillah it works well.

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