Fines for the misuse of water

Just few days ago I received a circular from Housing Department regarding the fines for the misuse of water. Actually this is yet another reminder.

Under Law No.28 of 2008 the misuse of water will now be punishable with fines ranging from QR1000 to QR10000 in accordance with the updated Law issued by HH the Emir SHeik Hamad bin Khaliga Al-Thani recently.

Using drinking (potable) water for washing vehicles or for cleaning of open areas in front of Buildings are among the violation that would attract the fines under Law No.28 of 2008.

The owners of buildings or tenants who fail to take measures to check the leakage of water shall be liable to pay fines as per Article 4 of the Law. (You must report all leaks to the respective maintenace section in your facility as soon as reasonably possible)

Those who do not switch off exterior lights in their buildings from 7am to 4pm shall be fined QR500. However, Article 7 of the law provdes for out-of court settlement in the event of litigation pertaining to the offences mentioned in Article 4.

Law enforcement officers from Kahramaa are permitted to check any premises if necessary and take punitive action according to Article 5 of the Law.

Washing of any vehicles shall henceforth be permissible only at designated places such as car wash and service stations. (The use of hose pipes and jet wash machines to wash cars in any provided accommodation is now against the law).

Report (FAO) says that It is estimated that Qatar aquifers will be depleted in 20 to 30 years at recent rates of groundwater withdrawal.