For the second consecutive year I spent the new year eve in Qatar. Unlike in Indonesia where you can have festivities, free music shows, free live new year show son TVs, nothing really a new year celebration in Qatar except one in hotels. It’s just not a culture of Qatar. (But why there is no Islamic new year celebration as well?)

Like last year, I spent the night with other Qatar Jakarta Community (aka Jakcom) with gathering, dinner, chats, card games. and kids parties. This time is in Beverly Hills 6 Compound, Al Waab. No fireworks, no loud musics. Just shake hand, congratulates each other and wishing each other for a better year.

2010 will mark my second year in Qatar. No other resolutions except ones I outlined during my One Year Lookback.

I just wish a happy, prosperous, and enjoyable year 2010 for me and my families. You too! Happy new year 2010.