Inland Sea – Rock Island

Inland Sea, never give us a boring trip. Especially when we do it with our close friends. Like we did in the beginning of the year: 2 January 2010. Twenty five cars participated in our trip to Rock Island beach, near coast guard camp of Inland Sea. As always, sand dunes are the playground for both children – dune slide – and adult – dune bashing.

Coordinate: 24 38′ 10.90″N 51 24′ 02.08″E

Google Earth showing Rock Islands (see bottom right) at Inland Sea area
23 cars in line near sand dunes on the way to Rock Island beach
Dune is our playground!
Stuck on sand dune is a possibility if you don't know how to handle it.
The flat portion of Inland Sea gives us a momentary relief of tenses from driving on sand dunes
Crossing the inland sea - a portion of land where sea water intrudes
See those rocks jutted out? We call them rock islands
Inviting clear water , unfortunately it is too cold in this winter
Tracks on the sabkha - inland sea
Tracks on Inland Sea
We love Qatar 🙂
Wahyu on Inland Sea - Rock Island beach

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  1. Well done what a facinating insight to your life, which looks idyllic. Sea sun and sand dunes. We live near SouthShields but the shore doen,t look like that, cheers

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