Qatari Family in Statistics

Recent study (The ‘Qatari Family’ study prepared by the Permanent Population Committee. Published in Gulf Times, 11 January 2010) shows that:

  • Domestic helpers constituted 24% of the number of people living in Qatari families
  • The average number of the Qatari family members to be 9.5 in 2008, from 8.6 in 1997. 
  • Each family having an average of 2.3 domestic workers
  • Marriage between close relatives, increased from 10.3 in 1997 to 23.7% of the total number of marriage contracts in 2007.
  • Life expectancy increased from 76 years in 2005 to 79.5 in 2007
  • A majority of 71.6% of families in middle and above middle income group ranging from QR10,000 to 50,000 a month, while 27.2% were getting more than QR50,000 in 2007.

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