A promise is a promise

As a result of incident that I had, I need to send my car to a workshop in Industrial Area. Going to this area is a struggle in itself. For traffic jams and potholed roads. The service counter staff promised me that my car would be ready within 12 working days and I am expected to give him a call after 10 days. See….for only  minor scratch and dents you’ll need to wait until 2 weeks. I am sure that they will have no customers in Indonesia should this happen there. For the same level of damage, it only takes 3 days in Indonesia.

10days passed. I gave him a call and was told that the car wasn’t ready but would be ready next two days (Saturday). As I was out of country, I was only be able to pick up the car on Wednesday. At about 11.30 AM, I met the same counter staff only to be told that the car was not ready. His supervisor also met me and said that the car would be ready by 5 PM . I said no. You can’t do this. You said that the car would be ready by Saturday, four days ago.

The supervisor asked me go to the garage. I saw two mechanics were working on my car’s door.

“Tell me”, said the supervisor who seemed to expect me understand the situation – as if it would not be able to be finished soon.

“No. You tell me why it is not ready while you promised me that it should have been ready four days ago” I insisted.

“Why do you look angry my friend?”

“Of course I am angry. Look. You promised me when I called you last week that my car would be ready by last Saturday. But now it is not ready”.

“My friend, please, if you can’t keep your promise don’t say any promises!”, I added

The supervisor was quiet, and seemed thinking the way out.

“OK my friend. I will ensure that three technicians are assigned to your car and it will be ready by 2 PM. You know we’re closed at 12 to 1 PM”, the supervisor promised me.

“OK fine. I’ll be around here and be back at two o’clock sharp. And sorry for my harsh words to you“, I smiled.

At 1.20 PM, I was called that the car is ready. The problem is not because they can not do it in timely manner, it is about eagerness to customer service satisfaction:. Keeping a promise is a promise.

Lesson learned is:

– Allow lower expectation when it comes to quality and timely service

– Do regular updates

– Insist if you are deserved what you have been promised to get