Doha 2010 Capital of Arab Culture Launched!

Today, Doha 2010 Capital of Arab Culture is launched.

The idea of the cultural capitals Originated of the conference convened by the United Nations in Mexico in 1982 on cultural policy, where the “World Decade for Cultural Development” (1988 -1997) was endorsed. Its philosophy focuses on the need for linkage between culture and development, in ad dition to the need for cultural dialogue between peoples and the respect of the elements of national cultural identity, taking into account the diversity of civilizations on the basis of the unity of the fundamental values of humanity.

 The idea of cultural capitals is an interactive idea developed to activate the cultural work and exchange between member states and to draw attention to culture as an essential element in the overall development process. Therefore, it is of interest to all sectors of society, and all government agencies and community organizations participate in it. The States and cities selected cultural capitals seize the opportunity to modernize and update their infrastructure in the cultural field as well as cultural legislation. They increase the volume of exchange and cultural cooperation with other countries and develop cultural activities and events at the level of local communities.

Arab Countries that take part in Capital of Arab Culture

Countries compete to highlight the best of their cultural production during the celebration, hoping to build on this momentum for the development of cultural infrastructure and to develop a method of qualitative performance for years to come.

Logo of Doha Capital of Arab Culture

The logo takes the shape of the bird feather used in Islamic decorative arts, and which ancient calligraphers used to use in their writing of the Holy Koran and the sayings of the Prophet. Its colors reflect our Arab environment as well as the multitude of cultures. The word «DOHA» is written in «Diwani» Arabic letters taking the form of the feather of the bird which shall fly carrying the message of «Doha Capital of Arab culture» to the entire globe. The logo is designed by the Qatari Artist Ali Hassan.

Each quarter committee issues a calendar of events. Check its website for calendar of events. or check my summary on the events of the first quarter.

(All images from Doha 2010 website)