Renewal of Istimarah (Car Registration)

On the 1st Feb last week I renewed my Outlander istimarah (car registration). Time flew so fast heh. Renewal of istimarah in Qatar is so straightforward.

For new car (less than 3 years) like mine, go to any traffic police department with your old istimarah, take a queue number, go to the counter, and pay 100QR (using credit card or debit card). Your new istimarah will be ready by 5-10 minutes. However, you need to have your car insurance renewed as well prior to go to renewal counter. In Madinat Khalifa or Rayyan traffic police department, there is an insurance representative office for third party insurance. You can even ask them to process your renewal for minimal fee. Don’t forget to ask for a registration sticker for your car plates.

For old car (more than 3 years), you need to have your car inspected by Qatar Technical Inspection (for 75 QR), have traffic police clearance, and with the inspection report go to insurance company for insurance renewal and then go to any traffic police department.

Btw, you can also go to City Center Mall in lieu of traffic police department. There is a traffic police booth. You just have to be hanging there as sometimes the officer is away.


5 thoughts on “Renewal of Istimarah (Car Registration)”

  1. Hi

    I have a Nissan 2001 model .The car met with an acccident twice . The second time as it was our fault we paid for the car repair . however the car is old and not in the best of conditions . After the second accident it has not been registered ie,for almost last two years.
    Now I would like to sell the car . Can you please tell me if I will have any problems in registration and inspection since it is overdue . I am hesitant to go .

  2. Hi
    I have 2005 model nissan sunny car my istimara will expire this month
    where i will go to renewel my istimara and what are the proceederes
    how much the fees i hav to pay for renewel

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