Transition to Summer? Already?

Uhhh…I wish winter last longer!

I think the paper needs to understand the difference between transition time and the beginning 🙂 . I mean Feb and March are still winter but approaching its end for its transition to summer.

Dusty weather marks beginning of summer

Sunday, February 28, 2010-
Web posted at: 2/28/2010 7:2:39
DOHA: The unstable weather conditions currently experienced in Qatar mark the transition from winter to summer, according to the Meteorology Department. The dust storm that has been lashing the country since yesterday is expected to continue today. However, the winds would subside by later part of the day.
“Qatar is currently witnessing the transition from winter to summer and such weather conditions are usual at this period,” said a forecaster at the Department last evening. Some parts of the country witnessed light drizzle last evening. The department has forecast more rains today. The day would remain “partly cloudy and dusty to cloudy at times over places,” according to the daily weather forecast issued by the Department.
The maximum temperature expected today is 28 degrees Celsius- one degree less compared to that recorded yesterday. The minimum temperature is expected to settle at 20 degrees Celsius, against the 24 degrees Celsius recorded yesterday. The northerly to northeasterly winds are expected to blow at a speed of 10 to 18 knots inshore and from 15 knots to 20 knots offshore, reaching 24 knots a first, according to the Department.