About one year ago

1 March 2009, that was when my family started joining me here in Qatar to endeavour a new life. And time flies fast. One year had passed since. Looking back what one year my family passed makes me smiling:

– I remember the hard time during the first three months when we are separated by thousands miles distance.

– I remember the time when we need to move to a temporary accomodation as our permanent accommodation is not ready yet. We move ourself, fully packed my new car with our stuffs.

– I remember the time when my youngest son crying whenever he goes to school. But I am proud of him that within 2 weeks he can cope with new friends and new environment

– I remember the time when my oldest son threatened me to not live in Qatar for more than 3 years but now he says that he wants to stay longer in Qatar

– I remember the time when my family started to build relationship with friends and glad that we are among best friends here in Qatar

– I remember the time when we experience the first summer, escaped from the heat to UAE and Oman via 11-day of driving tour.

– I remember the time when I and my wife were separated from our sons due to our Hajj pilgrimage; and I proud of them how they adhere to study schedule I made for their stay in Indonesia

We were not sure until when we live in Qatar. Although I set some personal objectives; some of them show good progress; I don’t want to jump into conclusion should the objectives be met. As long as my family are happy I don’t have any reasons to not continue staying in here.


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  1. MashAllah
    We are hoping to move to Qatar in the summer from Kuwait and this is a great help for me.
    Thank you for sharing it with us

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