Overloaded March

I’ve never been so overloaded at work. This March sees me withuninterrupted days of workshop representation, risk assessment, safety studies, meeting, site visit, and technical review. Just to name a few, I am/will be involved in Helium Project Technical Review, Pipeline Integrity Management System, 5 Shutdown Risk Assessments, 2 Terminal Risk Assessments, HAZOP for QG3&4, day-to-day operational  & technical issues. But those are consequences of being a service provider. As a senior loss prevention engineer in QG Operating Company, my tasks are among others dealing with providing loss prevention engineering advices, technical review of design and modification, facilitating a risk assessment or similar safety study. With now QG Opco operating 5 trains (2 more trains are coming shortly), a refinery, terminal, and many common facilities, much more pressures are put on us to provide the same quality level of work amid limited resources; not to mention some requests occasionally from capital projects.

One risk assessment meeting will only last about one or two hours, but it is the preparation work what takes much time: for planning, reading and understanding scope of work, method statement, technical standard and references, and discussing with related parties.

The beauty is however the opportunity to learn something new , interact with many parties, and sharpen my technical skills.


4 thoughts on “Overloaded March”

  1. Can we help you to implement your Pipeline Integrity Management System?

    Let me know if you need advice or support – and I don’t assume that this automatically becomes a chargeable event!

    Anyway, give it some thought and get back to me if you need help – cheers – Bill.

    1. Hi Bill, thanks for your offer. We hire GE for the development of our Pipeline Integrity Management System. Manual/procedure are about to complete now and ready to implement

  2. Dear Wahyu,

    I found your website very useful. I am currently working as Loss Prevention Engineer with one of the world’s largest oil company and is based in Middle East.

    Recently, I was approached for a Position of Head of Loss Prevention with Qatar Gas, which is based in Ras Laffan.

    Since you are in a similar profession, I wanted to discuss this with you first before making up my mind to go any further.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    With best regards – MM

    1. Dear Mahesh,
      Thank for your visit and comment. It is very encouraging.

      Yes we share a common profession. Unfortunately the position that you refer to is within my section and company. I am afraid that I’m unable to give you much detailed/specific information, for confidentiality reasons. However, should you have any non-confidential questions then I should be obliged to offer my answer.

      Good luck!

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