Tea Boy

So familiar in Middle East. Might be called a pantry boy or office boy in other parts of the world. Main job: preparing a cup of tea. Side jobs: making cappucinno, serving drinks for all meeting attendees, and taking care of pantry. Oh by the way a tea boy that I have in the office (not mine actually, he belongs to the quarter floor) never fails in making a very tasteful cappucinno by his own hands. I can’t even make a successful cup of cappucino 😦

A tea boy will normallybe  going around room to room twice in the morning and one in the afternoon. Once everybody settled in the morning, say at 8 am, tea boy will ask if you need some drinks to energize your day. So long he has been in the office that he knows what everybody wants. If there is a meeting in the building floor under his responsibility, he will quietly interrupt a meeting, and offer a drink order sheet. He will be back to the meeting room with ordered drinks.

Most tea boys are coming from Nepal. Don’t know why, it’s like a mafia, in a positive way. And Nepaleses are well known for its loyal, service, dedication and obedient.

One day I saw a  replacement tea boy was coming to our office. He was assisted by the old tea boy for several days; ensuring a complete job handover. Hmmm….even for a simple job like this, on the job training and job handover are important.


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    1. Hi Jonathan, I am sorry about your situation. However, I am not in the position to hire anyone in my company. All the best for you.

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