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What Indonesian is missing in Qatar, I believe, is among others watching Indonesian TV. Though many hates to see it – full of rubbish electronic cinema a.k.a sinetron  or celebrity gossips to name a few – most will agree that there is something different and lovable(?) about TV program offered by Indonesian TV. A bright and enlightened Kick Andy talkshow, sharp-and-reliable Liputan 6 news, free live football match (Premier League, Serie A, Champions Leage) thanks to cigarette manufacturer conglomerate, other free sporting events, free music concerts, or focus-in-depth hot national issues.

There are several ways of satisfying your quest of Indonesian TV:

1. Free Online TV streaming via TV station websites (i.e., )

2.Free Online TV streaming via online TV providers (usually managed by Indonesian abroad i.e. – Australia, – New York, US)

3. Paid Online TV Streaming (i.e. )

4. Install your own satellite dish

I finally decided to install my own satellite dish to receive Indonesian TV broadcasts. Here are the steps:

1. Buy satellite dish and its accessories. Prices ranges around QR200. Mine is Gulf Star diameter 185cm priced QR220, LNB QR90, plus 45m cable QR30, splitter QR5. I bought these at Al Annabi store near Souk An Najda (Dhow Roundabout, close to Regency Travel). You must have already a TV receiver.

Electronics Store where you can buy satellite dish. Shown here Al-Annabi Electronics, near Dhow Roundabout

2. Contact installer. Al Annabi store for example provides installation with QR180 fee (depending onthe area, this is for Al Gharafa). Other installer, for example from Al Khor, charges QR600 + QR100 (transport to Doha) for satellite dish, cable, and installation and setting.

3. Installer will come to your house. Assemble the dish at your rooftop, position the dish and do setting to your receiver.

My installer is indeed my friend so I don’t worry about the service and quality. He come to my house with full gears: handtools, drills, cable clamps, isolating tape, portable TV, receiver, cable terminator. So well prepared. He  assembled the dish, positioned the dish in accordance to aimed satellite – in this case Palapa D satellite, direction can be obtained at\palapad.html  , made trial check with his portable TV and his own receiver to make sure the position is correct before making the dish permanently installed. Then he connected LNB through cable to any existing connections I want (there are 8 existing connections at my rooftop going to 8 different rooms in my house). For this, trial and error were made to get the right connections to main bedroom and living room.

My satellite dish to receive Indonesian TV broadcasts

Finished with rooftop affairs he then did setting to my TV receivers. As different receiver has different steps of programming this can be a tedious process, particularly if you use a low end receiver. TV stations you can get are: MetroTV, SCTV, RCTI, Global TV (frequently out of order), TVRI, JakTV, Lejel Home Shopping, SpaceToon, NHK.

And now my search for Indonesian TV is over.


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  1. Dear Wahyu – Assalam Aleikum WRB.

    I was interested to receive Indonesia TV channels here in Muscat – Oman, likely I found your website while surfing to find out some details. In the Lyngsat, I found some channels beam all Asia.

    Tonight Inshallah I will try with my 6′ (185cm) dish and see how many channels I will get. You’are using 185cm dish in Doha, I think I will be able to receive here at Muscat otherwise I will buy 8′ dish. Thanks for information about Indonesian TV receipt.

    My details:

    I am Omani living at City Muscat – I have visited Indonesia many occasions and now trying to learn Bahasa.

    By-the-way: I have one Indonesia TV channel – “MNC The Indonesian Channel” satellite Apstar 2R at 76.5°E .

    Terima Kasih.

      1. Dear Wahyu,

        Just to give a feedback, with the same size dish (185cm)
        I receive the following channels (PalapD):

        1. SCTV (Indonesia)
        2. TVRI Nasional
        3. RCTI
        4. Bali TV
        5. Global TV (Indonesia)
        6. Lejel Home Shopping
        7. Metro TV (Indonesia)
        8. Jak TV
        9. TV Anak Space Toon
        10. NHK World TV
        11. Al-Manar TV
        12. U Channel
        13. LBS TV Movie
        14. LBS TV Drama

        There are also number of channels which are only beam “Asean Standard” I think we can not received here in the Gulf, perhaps required a bigger dish.

        Thanks again.

  2. Pak Wahyu,

    Kebetulan saya lagi cari info gimana dapatkan siaran Indo di Qatar & ketemunya di blog ini. Info yg sangat bermanfaat.

    Ada sedikit pertanyaaan sehubungan dengan hal di atas:
    1. Berapa lama waktu dibutuhkan untuk instalasi.
    2. Kabel 45 meter dipakainya di mana Pak? Apa tidak bisa menggunakan kabel yg sudah terpasang?

    Terima kasih sebelumnya atas responnya.

    1. Pak Alex, waktu yang diperlukan bervariasi tergantung dari tingkat kesulitan rumah, antara 4-6 jam. Untuk kasus saya, villa 3 lantai, dengan tiga satelit existing di paling atas, waktu yang dibutuhkan 5 jam, termasuk waktu untuk: merakit satelit, memasang satelit di lantai, mencari posisi satelit, menghubungkan LNB satelit ke existing satelit cable distribution, dan melakukan setting di receiver.

      Tidak semua 45 meter kabel itu terpakai sih Pak…panjang yang diperlukan antara satelit dengan existing satelit (note: ada 6 kmr di rumah saya, kabel dihubungkan hanya dengan distributor untuk kamar yang dimaksud, hal mana memerlukan trial error). Bisa pakai kabel existing (yang di dalam shaft rumah).

      Semoga memperjelas.

      Salam. Wahyu

    1. Dish bisa dibeli di Al Annabi store near Souk An Najda (Dhow Roundabout, close to Regency Travel). See picture in the post.

  3. Disini ada Palapa D tuh

    1. SCTV
    2. TVRI Nasional
    3. RCTI
    4. Bali TV
    5. Global TV
    6. Lejel Home Shopping
    7. Metro TV
    8. Jak TV
    9. Bloomberg TV Indonesia
    10. NHK World TV
    11. tvOne
    12. Indosiar
    13. LBS TV Movie
    14. LBS TV Drama

    TV Indonesia di Qatar mirip dengan Iklan DANCOW 1+ versi Logo

  4. Disini ada TV di Jakarta tuh
    29 UHF – Trans TV
    37 UHF – MNCTV
    39 UHF – TVRI Nasional
    41 UHF – Indosiar
    43 UHF – RCTI
    45 UHF – SCTV
    47 UHF – ANTV
    49 UHF – Trans 7
    51 UHF – Global TV
    53 UHF – tvOne
    57 UHF – Metro TV
    23 UHF – B Channel
    27 UHF – Net TV Jakarta
    28 UHF – KTV
    30 UHF – TVM
    31 UHF – TVRI Jakarta
    33 UHF – O Channel
    55 UHF – Jak TV
    59 UHF – DAAI TV
    TV Indonesia di Qatar mirip dengan Iklan DANCOW 1+ versi Kereta Api

  5. Lapor mas, siaran TV Indonesia yang bisa saya tangkap di Qatar, dengan menggunakan Receiver Echolink EL-700 FTA Super dan saya sudah bantu sama Orang India di layar satelit Palapa D dan Telkom 1 (tapi penambahan satelit baru),

    1. Trans 7
    2. Trans TV
    3. TVRI Nasional
    4. RCTI
    5. tvOne
    6. Bali TV
    7. Indosiar
    8. Lejel
    9. Metro TV
    10. Jak TV
    11. Bloomberg TV Indonesia
    12. NHK World TV
    13. Al-Manar TV
    14. U Channel
    15. LBS TV Movie
    16. LBS TV Drama

    Selain bisa nonton siaran TV Indonesia dari Qatar, juga pake Antenna UHF bisa nonton siaran TV yang Nilesat (DVB-T2).

  6. Selasa, 1 April 2014, siaran TV Indonesia di Qatar yang muncul adalah TVRI, SCTV, ANTV, Indosiar, Metro TV, Trans 7, Trans TV, tvOne, Bloomberg TV Indonesia, NHK, Al-Manar TV.
    RCTI, Global TV, MNCTV sudah hilang di Qatar via Parabola.

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