Eid Alone 3

Since I married, this is the third Eid Fitr that I must enjoy it alone. Let’s rewind a bit.

2003 – I was in Singapore for pursuing my master degree while my family were in Bandung, Indonesia. I remembered even that on the third day of Eid I sat for an exam. Fortunately, Eid is recognized holiday in Singapore

2008 – I was in Houston for presenting a paper in a conference while my family were in Balikpapan, Indonesia. The conference ran 4 days with 1 day before Eid and 3 days after Eid. No holiday during Eid in US, so the show must go on.

2010 – Now. I am in Doha and my family in Bandung, Indonesia. The reason: leave arrangement and company’s operations requirements.

This year, there will be 3 working-day holiday plus 2 weekend summed up into 5 continuous long weekend. My plan is to perform Eid prayer in Fanar (as Indonesian Embassy does not arrange Eid prayer due to renovation), to attend Qatargas Eid gathering in the evening at Sheraton, and to attend Indonesian’s gathering here at my compound club house. The rest is tentatively for visiting friends, or rest itself 🙂 .

Eid Prayer in Fanar

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  1. Seems lost my words while reading all files. Why? Your written so deeply comes inside thus as if I had experienced too. Nice. Happy Ied 1431H.

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