Rasgas Field Operator Interview in Jakarta

For my fellow Indonesians. Good luck with your interview!


Our client – Ras Gas have a schedule to be in Jakarta to interview
candidates for Field Operators (LNG/LPG/NGL/Sulphur Recovery plant
The interviews are being scheduled to start from 4 October through 7 October.
Please share this information to your friends that have experiences
with LNG / LPG / NGL to send their CV to me :
I will be screening all of the Cvs that I received until 30 september and
send the shortlisted candidates to Ras Gas on 1st october.

Note : for Field operator with Utility /power plant background still
being postpone until further notice / next recruitment trip.


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  1. apa kenal sama lilik christian yang kerja di rasgas bagian operator field.dimana ya dia sekarang??binung nyarinya..apa masih di qatar apa lagi ke indo ya…mohon jawabannya

    1. Sayangnya saya tidak kenal. Bisa ditanyain di milist tentangqatar, siapa tahu ada yang kenal. Salam.

    2. Encik wahyu….awak orang indon yang banyak cakaplah…awak bercerite tentang kehebatan diri awak sorang tapi tengok tuh kawan kawan awak yang bekerje di semenanjung kesian tuh…..jangan banyak cakap dan bual kate orang melayu.

      1. Thanks for visiting Raju and commenting. This blog is one of the parts that I can do and within my circle of control.Many my blog readers eventually I met them here in Qatar and they give me good feedbacks. Not to mention Qatar based readers for insights into living in Qatar. I do care of them fellow Indonesian but it’s simply a gigantic issue out of my area.
        Only one thing, I just dont like being called Indon. Thanks again Raju

  2. Curriculum vitae

    Name ; Berriani Adelhakim

    Date of birthday ; Dec 17 th 1975

    Adress ; 18 rue de Chaiba Bouismail W ; Tipaza 42415

    Email ; hakim-sh@hotmail.fr

    Tel ; +213 663020944

    Good morning sir ; with a Big pleasur i sent for your compagny my CV in order to request a job after having your adress from an algerian news paper.

    Level scool : 03 years after bacheloret
    Bacheloret in 1993
    University student ; from october 1993 to february 1996, in the algerian institut of petroleum (I.A.P).

    Diplom optained :
    Senior Technician of instrumentation
    Operator in exploitation (conversion from instrumentation to exploitation in IAP hassi messaoud) ALGERIA.

    Languages :
    English ; speaking & writing
    French-Arabic ; good speaking & writing.

    Training ; 03 month in IAP of hassi messaoud (algeria) as operator in exploitation
    06 month in compression-gas and oil-traitment unit.
    A short training about 02 month / year, in 5 years for English langage (Level 0 to Level 4).

    Experience : 10 years in total.
    From 1998 untill 2000 as operator exploitation in sonatrach center.ICS ( industiel center south )
    From 2000 untill 2004 as polyvalent operator in exploitation in anadarko compagny at Hassi Berkine field, for different units as unit of traitment for oil & storage unit, (Algeria south).
    From 2004 untill 2005 as panel operator (bordman) in DCS mark5 in Hassi Berkine with Anadarko compagny (algeria).
    From 2005 untill now 2010 as well technician ; i work in office of calculate for production with logiciel FIELDVIEW version 2003.

    Family situation :
    Maried with 02 childs

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