Taman Safari (Safari Park) Indonesia

Finally we have that opportunity. I had lived in Indonesia for about 30 years and this is my first time to visit Taman Safari (Safari Park) Indonesia. Strange huh?. Taman Safari is located in Cisarua, Bogor, some 80km from Soekarno-Hatta Airport (CGK) of Jakarta or 1.5-2 hours drive.

We visited Taman Safari during Ramadan this August 2010, driving from Bandung for about 3 hours through small winding road, the old road that connects Bandung to Jakarta before the new highway exists now. Being there during Ramadan means that we were along few peoples only. Which is good for enjoying this vast park, 168 hectares, and 2500 animals from almost 300 different species in their reproduction of natural habitats in secondary forests.

It is a totally enjoyable experience for us, visiting this drive-through zoo (don’t forget to shut the window and never get out of the car), get up close, eye level with such wild animals as zebra, elephant, ostrich, monkey, or tiger. Hippo or Rhino is just inches away from your car window. There is baby zoo where you can get up close and personal with baby animals, birds, and nocturnals. Here also where you can taking photos with white tiger or orangutan. To make your visit complete, there is a dedicated pavilion for reptile, Papua species, Komodo dragon, and penguin.

Don’t miss riding elephant, pony horse or camel! Also don’t miss animal shows featured regularly along the day.

If you love hiking there are several Safari Trek to choose from. For children there are a lot of amusement and mechanical rides in Taman Safari including skylift and water park.

Facilities and amenities (i.e. several canteen, souvenir shop, toilets, mosque, car parks) are excellent and well maintained. Personnel are polite, professional and knowledgeable.

Entrance fee is very minimal (USD7  for general entrance or USD17 for Night Safari, amusement & ride is merely USD1 per ride, and USD 1 for taking photos with Orangutan or tiger). Weather is cool and pleasant and you can easily spend one day here. And if you opt to stay there are options for staying in caravan or villa with affordable prices.

 Coordinates: 6°42’50″S   106°56’51″E


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Here are some my pictures:

Entrance to Taman Safari. Remind me of Jurassic Park 🙂
Get up close with wild animals in this drive-through zoo
Only inches away from zebra
Don't get iritated if you're blocked
Only few white tiger left and you have an opportunity to see them
Buy carrots for 60 cents and feed the elephant
Inside Baby Zoo
Take an opportunity to hug Orangutan!
...or even baby tiger
Enjoy riding the elephant
Short hiking to waterfall
And finally this crystal clear waterfall

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  1. Dear Wahyu Family

    I’ve been searching for some photos of Cultural Village. Please can you reply to me as I would like to get your permission to use one of them.

    Many thanks

    1. Hi Judy,
      You have my permission to use some photos of Cultural Village provided that credit is mentioned. Bear in mind though that those photos are Cultural Village during construction (7 months ago).


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