Zekreet Night Safari

7-8 October 2010. Our first offroad trip after a long summer and Eid leave. Travelling with 17 other cars (16 Indonesian, 1 Singaporean) to Zekreet beach, just 900m west of Mystery Village. Unlike two years ago, it’s now a night trip.

We mustered at Umm Alafai Petrol Station, 1 km west of Al Rayyan Sports Club on the Gharafat Al Rayyan – Dukhan Highway. This trip noticed a mind-shift: every participant came on time hence we could depart on time at 9.30 pm. My reminder to be on time wasn’t in vain. Thanks everyone!

At Umm Alafai Petrol Station, muster point.

 We arrived at camping site at around 11 pm after driving 55km to Zekreet exit (Exit 72), 5.5km from exit to the village and 12 km offroad from Zekreet village. It’s not camping per se as most of us didn’t erect tents. Many just slept inside the car or on a sleeping mat under the sky.

It’s still summer-to-winter transition but the weather was just fine; not so hot, just temperate and didn’t make us sweating.

At camping site
And when the sun breaks the darkness, we couldn't stop jumping into clear sea

 Our pick of camping site turned out to be good one. The beach is sandy; not muddy, not rocky. Clear sea water was so inviting.

Zekreet beach and my Cherokee

After enjoying swimming and having breakfast, we drove to Mystery Village and Film City.

Mystery Village
Mystery Village
Mystery Village
Mystery Village
Mystery Village
Film City, about 1.3 km southeast of Mystery Village
Scenery on the way back to Zekreet village


– Zekreet exit: 25 26’22.6″N 50 51’50.5″E

– Zekreet Mosque 25 29’07.41″N 50 50’48.22″E

– Our camping site: 25 35’13.1″N 50 49’45.5″E

– Film City: 25 34’41.61″N 50 50’46.65″E

– Mystery Village: 25 35’11.67″N 50 50’10.29″E


15 thoughts on “Zekreet Night Safari”

  1. Pak Wahyu,

    Salam kenal, saya tertarik dengan Jeep Cherokee bapak, boleh tahu pak mobilnya angkatan tahun berapa?


  2. where can i buy good camping tents for a family of four,which is easy to assemble also, carrefour at city center i been many times but dusty ,torn and old stock

    1. Look for “Coleman” brand. it is light and easy to assemble. Hyatt Plaza’s Giant has a good camping section. You can also find in smaller stores like Duheil Complex (past Duhail Interchange at Shamal Road) or Doha City or New World (the latters which I hven’t been to, heard from my friend). Goodluck n let me know whre you find the good one. Mine also needs to replace 🙂

    1. there is no beach facilities in Zekreet. The nearest toilet will be at the village mosque or at coast guard camp (if you venture out to the north). Bringing pop-up toilet tent is advisable for way out to basic toileting to nature 🙂

    1. No official entrance fee. But there is a lonely old man guard there. As a nice gesture tips will probably be much appreciated by him.

    1. Until the last village road is alphalted. Then about 12-15km afterwards it is dirt, rocky track. Some portions near beaches may have soft sand but it shouldn’t be a proble for saloon car as long as you choose route carefully. It’s suggested that you’re travelling with other cars.

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