Shrimpy Promise

Shrimp. For some it can cause allergetic incoveniences. For me it caused dissapointment and lead to swearing for not to come again. All is because of “Shrimpy” promise.

I don’t like to be cheated nor false promised. I don’t like my rights are robbed by dishonest practice. And if I am being so, I will be fighting against it.

The story started when I ordered kids meals from Shrimpy outlet at Gondolania Theme Park, Villagio Mall, 1 October 2010. My kids ordered it for they can get toys that come with the meals as indicated in the menu register. It’s only QR13 per meal. After about 20 minutes of so of waiting, my orders came. I checked the box inwhich it has french fries and chicken nuggets. But no toys, in the box nor on the tray. Immediately I inquired the only server why toys were not given. She innocently explained that no toys were given because of late delivery. I asked further whether there would be compensation or price reduction in exchange of no toys. “Sorry Sir, no compensation. We don’t have toys because of late delivery”, she repeated.

This made me gone mad. “This is not right. You have to give me toys because I’ve paid QR13 for kids meal with toys….and on…and on…I went so emotional. “No Sir.” she insisted. Done. It’s clear.

I then returned a box of kids meal to her. “Eat it” I said unheard. Then left her confusedly.

It is not about 2-4 riyal cheap Chinese made toys that come with the meal. I don’t bother with the money spent. It’s more about a false promise, about a poor quality of service from a company that awarded ISO 9001:2000, about customer satisfaction.

Isn’t easy that Shrimpy explains to a customer when orders that no toys come with the meal at the first place so that the customer can decide? Isn’t easy that Shrimpy temporarily covers the word “toy” in its menu register when toy is unusually unavailable? Isn’t easy that Shrimpy just offers a compensation in exchange of absence of toy?

Never mind. I first thought to report it to Customer Protection Hotline but changed my mind. Let it be shared here.

I don’t like to swearing but this time I swear not to come back to Shrimpy for the second time.

As the history has been showing, you can’t underestimate a dissapointed customer . Believe me.


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  1. I just got new idiom (?). It reminds me with the book of mis perception of ISO 9000 with author Waluyo (?)

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