Rotana Restaurant **

Unhealthy Bulalo 🙂

Those two stars in the title is my final verdict 🙂

Visited this restaurant – situated at a shopping complex, opposite Chevrolet showroom, Jaidah) last week, trigerred by curiosity on Bulalo.

Taste. **. We ordered seafood fried rice, unhealthy bulalo (a Filipino stew made from beef shanks and marrow bones), and half-chicken grill, and fruit juices. Seafood fried rice was served in large quantity (enough for 2). Although it is included in Chinese menu, it tasted like Arab-Indian. Shrimp served was from frozen shrimp, not fresh one. Bulalo comes in a big bowl with one big beef marrow bone and one smaller one. Unfortunately it is too salty (or too MSG?) and fatty, and served plain (no veg, sambal, celery, lemon to counter the taste, etc.). Half-chicken grill was good, as were fruit juices. Try Rotana special juice!

Service.**. We sat down on a table of four in this 5-seating capacity restaurant on the ground floor. I incidently and patiently waited to be served, just to test if they care enough to new customer. Nothing happened. No waiter came to offer menu. Enough to judge. After about 5 minutes, I waved my hand and called one waiter. Our orders were served after about 25 minutes.

Price.***. Price is reasonable. For one seafood rice (QR14), one bulalo (QR18), half-chicken grill (QR10) and furit juices total damage was QR67. Fruit juices were excellent and sure exceed their price tag.

Atmosphere & Location.***. Location is strategic with ample parking as it is within a shopping complex (been to Party Kingdom at Jaidah? it is opposite to that). Seating and cleanliness are no problem. The only thing is bright light from outside – if you visit during midday, strong enough to cause unpleasant ambient lighting inside the restaurant.

Will come again? No. Curiousity answered. Overall verdict not strong enough for pulling me in again.