A record-breaking dune trip

A record of 33 Indonesian cars joined a sand dune trip was broken on 5 November 2010 when 35 cars joined the trip. It could have been more, but some of us were busy preparing for Hajj departure the day after. Those cars are belong to IPENG members (literally means Crazy Sand Duners Group), Persiqa (Indonesian Football Association Qatar), and others who working in QP, Qtel, Banks, etc.

Started right after Friday prayer in Sealine Resort, the group was divided into two groups of equal number: ‘highway” route (to accommodate new beginner and AWD cars) and extreme route. End point is shoreline facing Rock Islands.

As it’s normal for every dune trip, stuck in the “porridge” (our term for very soft sand) was inevitable. The highway route group was even splitted up to cater for those bogged down and those who can travel further. Though finally we can connect the chain somewhere along the route. Of course in every split there are more experienced personnel who guided the rest.

Arrived at the beach at around 4pm we then prepared for potluck-BBQ while others played football, . I myself spent sandsledding with my two kids.

The trip was ended at around 9pm. Overall trip was excellent though unfortunately two cars got problem with their transmission and gear. One of them was even towed for about 20km or so to Sealine for further handling by a towing truck.

Waiting for the next record-breaking dune trip. 40 cars?

A breathtaking scenery along the route


Safety briefing prior to departure seen on glass reflection
Recovering bogged down car
Qatindo - Qatar Indonesia
Trying sand sledding. Addicted guaranteed

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  1. assalamu’alaikum om wahyu, apa kabar? salam kenal ya.. saya numpang copas foto bendera indo qatarnya ya.. anda seorang adventure. . . 😀

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