Istanbul Day 6 – Archaelogical Museum, Kanyon and Dinner Cruise

Day 6. 7 April 2010. Amidst morning rain we spent the time by visiting Archaelogy Museums then benchmarking at Kanyon Mall and ending the day with Dinner Cruise over Bosphorus Strait.

Istanbul Archaelogical Museums. This superb museum complex is a gem for travellers to Istanbul. It may not pull out the crowd but itis really worth visited. The complex is easily accessed by walking down the slope from Topkapi or by trudging up the hill fromthe main gate of Gulhane Park.

The complex is divided into three buildings: the Archaelogy Museum, the Museum of the Ancient Orient, and the Tiled Kiosk.

At the yard of museum complex: Archaelogy Museum, Museum of Ancient Orient and Mozaic/Tile Museum
"Alexander the great" is one of the great collection of Istanbul Arkeoloji Muzesi
Another great collection is an Egyptian ancient item like this
Tiles Museum

 Finished with museums, we trudging up the slope to Hagia Sofia via Topkapi and passing Hagia Irene and Imperial Gate. Now we are at the souteast side of Hagia Sofia, next to fountain of Sultan Ahmet III. Rain was still dripping as we warm our body with hot drink and hot kestane (chest nut).

We headed back to Gulhane (station) via cobbled street just behind walls of Topkapi complex. Here you can see model of Ottoman housing. The 6th president of Turkey was born here, indicated by a placard posted on one of the houses.

Hagia Irene is the first church built in Constantinople. Located next to Hagia Sophia
Fountain of Sultan Ahmet III. Located beside Hagia Sophia and behind Topkapi Palace
Cobbled street just behind walls of Topkapi Palace. The 6th president of Turkey was born here

 We travelled to Kanyon Mall using our favorite mode of transpot: metro. We hopped on tram line Zeytinburnu-Kabatas heading to Kabatas from Gulhane station. We got offt at Kabatas station then transfered to Funicular Kabatas-Taksim. We exited here to transfer to Metro. We hopped on metro line Taksim – 4.Levent (by following direction or footprint sign on the floor) and got off at Levent for Kanyon shopping mall.

Kanyon Mall, the most modern and the largest, if not one of the largest malls in Istanbul


Belly dance, one of the entertaining part of dinner cruise
Bosphorus Bridge from the water

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2 thoughts on “Istanbul Day 6 – Archaelogical Museum, Kanyon and Dinner Cruise”

  1. Hi Wahyu,
    I am Dr Shameel woking in Hamad and i am using ur blogs as a guide for my planned trip to turkey in coming January.. I know its cold but thats the only time i get my annual leave.. goin with my wife and a toddler. we are plannin for 8-9 daysmore or less.. covering istanbul and cappadocia.

    I want to know how u booked for the bosphorus dinner cruise with the belly dance thing.. can u pls add that details too?

    1. Dear Dr Shameel,
      I took Bosphorus Dinner Cruise through hotel where I stay. If I remember correctly it was organized by Senkron Tour. 90 Euro for Adult, children below 7 discount 30%. This fee includes pick-up and drop. All major hotels in Istanbul should be able to arrange this cruise for you. Recommended tour agents are Plantour or Senkron.

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