Eid Adha Staycation Plan

Eid Adha Holiday is coming. It is officialy from 14-20 November. Last year Qatargas had only 4 days for Eid Adha Holiday but in order to align with QP, this year’s Eid Adha Holiday is a full week holiday. There will be no christmas and new year holiday starting this and coming years. And that’s why one day holiday for Christmas is taken forward to Eid Holiday.

If you are planning for staycation (vacation but stay at the current city) the following programs may be interesting and worth to consider:

1.  10-13 Nov: International Furniture and Design Exhibition (Exhibition Center)

2.  12 Nov: Heritage Games Competition (Souq Waqif, from 4-9pm)

3.  Oct – Jan: A Journey into the World of the Ottomans Exhibit, Museum of Islamic Arts, QR25 adults children <16 free

4.  Oct – Mar: Horse Sports Exhibition (Qatar Equestrian)

5. 15,16,18 Nov (10am-5pm) Aspire4Sports Exhibition (for Public)

6.  17 Nov: Brasil vs Argentine (Khalifa Stadium)

7. 16-20 Nov: Souq Waqif Festival Adha 2010

8. 16-26 Nov Russia & Western European Acrobatic Performance, City Center Doha (6.30pm-9pm)

In addition to the above list, I will attend Al Khor Community Eid Family Day on 17 Nov, and may consider camping and dune bashing. Care to join?

Souq Waqif Festival Adha 2010
Al Khor Community Eid Family Day
Range of Activities in Al Khor Community Fun Day Eid Al Adha