Charity Camping for Merapi

Demonstrating solidarity to those suffer from Merapi volcano eruption in Indonesia, we initiated a charity camping at Al Ghariya beach, north of Qatar. The camping is intended to get together with other fellow Indonesian as well as a means for collecting donations. So it’s camping for a cause.

On Thursday, 18 Nov 2010, Doha campers gathered at Landmark Mall parking lot around 10am while Al Khor campers went directly to the site. Our camp site was Al Ghariya beach. To reach here, we need to travel up to km 81 of Al Shamal Road (North Road). From this road it’s another 4km to the east to reach the beach. Al Shamal Road is still under construction. Up to km 40 something the road is already 3 to 4 lanes.

Winter is peak season for camping as we can see from no empty spaces left for setting up tents. Many have been pegged or fenced by those set up semi-permanent tents. Fortunately we found a good spot at about a km from the last tarmac road to the north. It’s really a good spot in that no crowd around, very close to the beach and large enough to accommodate tens of tents and twenty something of cars.

Among 24 cars, 7 cars left earlier for some reasons leaving the rest to spend the unforgettable night under the stars. We pitched the tents, set up common areas for bbq and ‘dining area’. As the sun approaching its bedroom we can’t help jumping into the sea.

The night was perfect. Nice weather, good music, a cup of coffee, jokes and gossips, live music, and good friends. To accompany this perfection: BBQ of lamb chop (the most favorite), chicken satay, prawns, sausage, and sweet corn complete with its cob. The latter seems becoming limited edition and ready to take over lamb chop as the most favorite bbq thing.

Back to the charity camping, we managed to collect some donations for later on forwarded to the needy at Merapi temporary refugee site.

Our heart goes with them. Pray for Indonesia.

Charity Camping at Al Ghariya Beach
Bon fire is children favorite


"Jagung Bakar" ready to take over lamb chop hegemony
Thank you guys for memorable camping!
One thousand, two thousands...and counting. For Merapi.
Lined up ready for back home to Doha & Al Khor (at Al Ghariya entrance road)