Is the time now?

…for Qatar to host World Cup (WC) 2022.

3 days to decision day (2 Dec 2010) for who will host World Cup 2022. The closer the days the more intense the ‘bid war’ is. Started with publication of FIFA Technical Inspection report that highlighted Qatar’s high risks in hosting WC2022 due to summer heat and logistical issue (all stadium is within 60km radius, and 10 of 12 stadiums are only 20-30 km apart), then sparks from US for “you can air-condition a stadium but you can’t air-condition the whole country” that forced Bin Hammam, a Qatari-born AFC President, to counter the attack. There is also issue/allegation of collutions between Qatar and Spain-Portugal, although it is not probed.

—summary of FIFA inspection reports….

Venues: Twelve stadiums in seven cities and projections of 2.8 million tickets sold. Three stadiums exist and would need renovation, the other nine would be newly built. Cost of construction and alterations is $3 billion.

Logistics: The bid envisions a concentration of almost all key event facilities and venues in a relatively compact area within a radius of 60 kilometers. The fact that 10 of the 12 stadiums are located within a 25-30 kilometer radius could represent an operational and logistical challenge. Any delay in the completion of the transport projects could impact tournament operations. Moreover, it appears to be difficult to test a transport concept prior to the event under conditions comparable to the World Cup. … The fact that the competition is planned in June/July, the two hottest months of the year in this region, has to be considered as a potential health risk for players, officials and spectators, and requires precautions to be taken. … Qatar has hosted the 1995 U-20 World Cup as well as the 2006 Asian Games. In January 2011, the country will host the Asian Cup.

Government: If Qatar is awarded the hosting rights, FIFA’s legal risk appears to be low. All requirements for contractual documents have been met, but additional specific undertakings and securities are necessary given the special situation in, and the special hosting concept of, Qatar. The necessary government support has been secured.

Development: Modular sections from the stadiums are planned to be used to construct 22 stadiums around the world in developing countries. The opportunity for FIFA to bring the World Cup to the Middle East for the first time is also highlighted.


In today and yesterday newspaper, an advertisement announcing the decision day and live event in Doha  is published:

– 2 December 2010. Souq Waqif and Aspire Park. The decision will be announced at around 6pm but the event is open from 2pm

If you are unable to attend, you can watch Al Jazeera Sports +3 starting at 5pm on Thursday 2 Dec 2010.

Is the time now?

“Bringing a World Cup to the Middle East might be novel but it is not unimaginable” (BBC)