L’wzaar Seafood Market

“Good modern seafood restaurant with fish market style”

As you enter the foyer a projection of pool (with its swimming fishes) to the floor where you step onto welcomes you.  What makes it so  interesting is that it is interactive. The projection will respond to your step as if you step onto the real pool. Stomping your feet to the floor will see ripples on the projection. And it follows your stomping. Kids sure will love it!

Interactive pool projection in the restaurant foyer will easily catch kid's attention
L'wzaar Fish Market (Source: Lwzaar.com)

Passing the foyer you will be in the corridor that connects two wings. In front of you is a ‘fish market’; a display of fresh fishes, crabs, squids, mussels and prawns which you will select later on for main courses. In either wing there are tables for two, for four and for six. The dining room will offer you modern atmosphere through its blue mosaic tiles on the walls, minimalist furniture, and settled ambience lightings. A display of miniature fishing dhow and fishing tools complements the theme this restaurant want to deliver: modern seafood restaurant.

L'wzaar dining area is dominated by blue mosaic tiles, red minimalist seats and settled lighting

As soon as we sit at our preferred table, a waitress rushes in and presents us with side and drink menu book. He then explains what we need to do to order main course and what available in the menu book. For main course we need to go to the fish market at the corridor, select seafood we like, tell the attendant how much do you like and what type of cooking do we like to. Another attendant will paste barcode from the weighing on his paper and note down our table number.

Next to fish market is salad corner where you can pick any salads type you want. Back to the table we found that there were fresh veggies and breads as compliments.

It requires about 10 minutes for our drink to come and another 10-30 minutes for our side menu and main courses to be ready. It’s probably because we come with large groups (20 people) that they come late. I saw across the table that they ordered after us but theirs come earlier.

Now, let’s see how they are up to.

Black Pepper Crabs - L'wzaar Style

My order is black pepper crabs. It is well spiced, not salty. Just about right. No, may be little more black pepper will do. Then my wife’s order: sherry fish grilled. This one is also good. We can see it is well grilled not overcooked nor under cooked. Come with this is a small three-nook tray condiments.

Green Mussels

Another order we have is fried breaded prawns. For this one, the cook may over-salt the prawn although it is tasted fresh. We also ordered a bowl of seafood fried rice. Although the serving is less (compared to Noodle House), its taste is comparable.

This one is mouthwatering order!

I also happened to try my friend’s order and found that mixed seafood and tepanyaki prawns were good also. I think I should try these next time.

Apart from small incident where my friend’s order of red snapper was not as per his order, the service given by its waitress is top notch: they are responsive, attentive, and personal.

L’Wzaar needs to be commended for its service, its food, and its environment. Though it is located on Katara Beach promenade L’wzaar doesn’t provide outdoor dining seating, unfortunately.

Will come back next time? Sure! As my friend put it: “….Bandar Djakarta* discovered in Doha”

*Bandar is a seaside seafood restaurant in Ancol Bay City, a resosrt destination located along North Jakarta’s waterfront

Final Verdicts:

– Food      4/5

– Service    4/5

– Environment    4/5

Sample of total damages (in QAR):

Tom Yam Kung                  28

Corn & Crab Soup            29

Mixed Seafood                 75

Seafood Fried Rice          28

Steamed Rice                    12

Tepanyaki Prawn             62

1.81kg FM Red Snap       99.3

0.53kg FM Green Mussel              40.45

0.94kg FM Sherry             36

1.72kg FM Shrimps          181.8

0.54kg Lagoon Crab         81

Evian 750ml        20

Juices    12

Teas       8



L'wzaar is located at the new hotspot in Doha: Katara


L’Wzaar Seafood Market

Building 27 Katara Cultural Village, Doha

Telp: +Tel : +974 4408 0710 / +974 4408 0711  |  Fax : +974 4408 0722 

Website: http://www.lwzaar.com (soon online as of 13 Jan 2011)

Email: Info@lwzaar.com

Coordinate: 25 21’31.51″N 51 31’35.44″E

Opening Time:

Sun-Wed: Lunch 12.00-15.00 Dinner 19.00 – 23.00

Thurs-Sat: Lunch 12.00 – 16.00 Dinner 19.00 – 00.00


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