Testing the luck: 3 year-old car registration renewal

It seems exaggerated 🙂 but in fact it is true somewhat.

Per Qatari laws, vehicle older than 3 years is to pass yearly technical inspection for renewal of car registration.  The thing is on the 3 years old definition. Is it from manufacturing date? from the first car registration? or from year model? Majority says it’s from year model. So if you bought a 2010 model car in Nov 2009 and first registered it on December 2009 it is as if you save one year for “no technical inspection”. But again it’s only personal opinion.

Take for an example my case. My car registration is due on 1 February 2011. My car was manufactured on July 2008. It is 2008 model but it’s first registered on 1st February 2009. Shall I need to go for technical inspection first prior to renew the car registration?

I googled the matter and found formal explanation from E-Hukoomi  (which is an excellent e-government service of Qatar). This is how it’s explained:

Vehicle owners are required to renew their vehicle registrations every year. Applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Clear all traffic fines.
  • Pass yearly technical inspection (for vehicles older than three years).
  • Renew vehicle insurance

I then asked my friend who have done similar matter. And I’ve got various responses. Some said their car doesn’t need to go for inspection. Some said theirs does. Some said it depends on your luck? Luck?

Luck does play a part here, sometimes. The problem is no body can even control it. What works for someone doesn’t mean work for you.

 I went to “A” Traffic Police for renewal. First thing is to go to Insurance Booth. Pay 620 QR (600 QR for 4×4 6 cylinders third party liability insurance, and 20QR for fee). Then I went to Registration/License counter. The friendly staff lady with her mafi-English tried to convey messages that I need to bring inspection report first. I – with my mafi-Arabic – tried to convince that my car is first registered in 2009 and that this is the second renewal. But the lady refused me with smile.

Consulted with some of my friends, many suggested me to go to B Traffic Police ( just another traffic police office) because they said it is easier there. So here I go. I went there just after Maghrib prayer (the office stays open till night). I went directly to counter and handed in old car registration and copy of insurance. With no conversation what so ever other than assalamualaikum.

“Bank card!”

Now I know this is gonna work!

And yes, the staff lady asked me to key in pin number for my ATM…. then khalas. Wait for about 5 minutes and I had with me a new car registration. No question. No inspection report required. Just luck!

And for 3 years old car definition, I have no answer until now. Care to help me?


It is not my intention to look for a bypass for compliance to the law. At the end of the day, technical inspection is only QR75 cost and I am definitely sure that my car will pass due to its new condition. Therefore it is also not my intention to encourage you to ‘go around’ the system, or to go to particular traffic police for ” a luck”. I wish I knew the exact definition. It’s probably left to staff interpretation I guess?


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  1. Assalamu alaikum
    I know that this is off topic but you are so knowledgeable and helpful it’s worth a go
    Do you know where I can find someone to fit a towbar to my Toyota Fortuner?
    I’ve been looking online and driving around but have had no luck 😦
    I thank you in advance!

    1. Hi Marisa, sorry for late reply. I do not know exactly where in Doha to find your tow bar. As almost the case here is that you find the bar online (i.e. ebay) have it shipped to Doha and install it in any garage. It should be simple bolting that any garage can do. You’re right the problem is finding one that fits your fortuner. Sorry for not being of any help.

  2. Hello Marisa,

    Have you tried the car accessories street between the Sana R/A and Crazy signal. I’m sure you’d find the tow bar there…

    @Wahyu: I got my car registration renewed for 3 years without any inspection. Its all about luck. I always prefer the ‘B’ Traffic Police dept. 😉


  3. Hi wahyu
    can u tell me which is the “B” traffic police station..bcoz i am also facing the same pblm..My car mode is 2008 and registered on 2009..In april I hav to renew my registration..

    Thanking you

  4. Hi Wahyu

    I am in the same situation as yourself and Shiju. I think I know the B station, but would be grateful if you could confirm (er.. email?).


    1. Hi Wahyu! your article is really helpful… can you also send to me by email which is “B”. I would appreciate it so much! Thanks!

  5. I have my renewal today. Car first registered in May 2008.
    So please let me know the “B” traffice station details.

    Should I get the inspection report?

    1. Hi Jasim, it is the year model that matters most. So if your car is 2007 model though first registered in 2008 it requires inspection. But if your car is 2008 model, then it may/may not require inspection, depending on your luck 🙂

  6. Dear Wahyu,

    Thank for sharing this experience. Can you please email me this ‘B” traffic police station. Thank you.

  7. Hi Wahyu! your article is really helpful… can you also send to me by email which is “B”. I would appreciate it so much! Thanks!

  8. hi i would like to ask if what time is your opening hours during ramadan.please send me also a mobile number so i can call if i have
    other inquiries.thank

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