Weighing up options for Umrah

One of the privileges (for Muslim) living in Qatar is Qatar’s closeness to Mecca and Medina. Doha is about 1440km driving distance to Mecca. It means Muslim can choose one of the various options for performing Umrah.

I am currently weighing up option for Umrah, that Insya Allah, to be performed early April during school term break.

A.  By Car

1.  Self-Driving

One can self-drive to Mecca. The usual route is Doha-Mecca-Medina-Doha. Depending upon how the journey is broken, one can reach Mecca directly from Doha without any overnight break (in which case involves 14-18hours driving). The safer option is to stay overnight in Riyadh (another 750s km to Mecca).

Self-driving offers self-dependency, and flexibility at its most. The downside however is that driving long distance may cause fatigue, tiredness that may impact safety of driving or the performance of Umrah itself. It also requires good preparation and planning (for journey route, accommodation, etc.). Many are doing self-driving in a group which is good just in case of emergency happens during the trip or for enjoyable journey.

The cost associated with self-driving options are: visa: 250QR per person, car insurance: 10SAR per day, hotel: varies from 150SAR to 600SAR (5 star close to Haram) per day, petrol: less than 500QR.

2. Chauffeur Driving

In this option, we can have a chauffeur–driven Chevrolet Suburban XL 2011 (with 7-adult capacity). The service offers a private journey, door-to-door service, quicker border process, and flexibility (can choose any departure and arrival date). The provider (currently offered by Hamlah Labbaik) also provides Indonesian drivers. For Doha-Mecca-Doha this will cost 3500QR, whereas Doha-Mecca-Medina-Doha will cost 4500QR. This cost includes car rental, driver fee and his meals, and petrol.

To add up to this cost is all other Umrah cost such as visa, and accommodation.

This seems an interesting option although it carries a potential safety risk in case the driver does not get enough rest-break period between trips.

B.  By Bus

One can hire bus service for Umrah through appointed Hajj and Umrah agent (hamlah). There are various options available. This is a preferred option if you can bear with longer journey (4-6 hours longer than self-driving) or don’t have any back problem.

–          Hamlah Labbaik (located at second floor of Bakery next to Family Food Center (FFC) Bin Nasr)

  • VIP Package, 8 days  

49-seat capacity Executive Bus. 3-night stay in 4-star hotel in Mecca (70m from Haram) and 2-night in Medina (50m from Prophet Mosque).

Transport and Umrah visa: 700 QR/person (infrant <2 yo free)

Accommodation: Double Bed (2100 QR per room), Triple Bed (2570QR), Quad Bed (2960QR)

  • Exclusive Package, 8 days

49-seat capacity Executive Bus. 3-night stay in 4-star hotel in Mecca (200m from Haram) and 2-night in Medina (50m from Prophet Mosque).

Transport and Umrah visa: 700 QR/person (infrant <2 yo free)

Accommodation: Double Bed (1725 QR per room), Triple Bed (1975QR), Quad Bed (2200QR)

  • Regular Package, 10 days

5 nights Mekkah and 3 nights Medina. 1100 QR, twice each month, departed on Wednesday

 –          Hamlah Haramain (Rawdat Al Khalil St. in front of Al Shaheen – Al Muntazah)

  • VIP Package. 9 days ( 5 star hotels: 5 nights Mekkah + 2 nights Medina). 2500 QR per person

–          Hamlah Doha Transport (Umm Al Shebram St. Off B-Ring Road, Al Muntazah/Abdul Aziz)

  • VIP Package. 10 days. (6 nights  Mekkah + 2 nights Medina). 1500 QR per person  
  • Regular Package. 10 days. (6 nights  Mekkah + 2 nights Medina). 1500 QR per person. Departures every Wednesday every week.

–          Hamlah Al Ansar

  •  Regular Package. 9 days (5 nights  Mekkah + 2 nights Madinah). 1200 QR per person. Departures every Wednesday twice a month.

C.  By Air

This is probably the most comfortable and quickest option but it incurs the most expensive cost. Jeddah and Medina both have international airport for access to Mecca. Saudi Airlines, Gulf Air, Qatar Airways, Etihad are among airlines with frequent flights to both cities. One economy return trip costs from QR1200 (to Jeddah).

One can then organize transfer transport himself (i.e. rent a car – from 200QR per day) or through hamlah.


29 thoughts on “Weighing up options for Umrah”

  1. assalam olaykum brother,
    all of ur information provided is so extremely helpful that for any solution i turn to your page first,may allah give you ajar for all this.

  2. Salam Aalaikum,
    Can we by car. I f we are two cars, we can take care of each other.

    1. Wa’alaikumsalam.
      Shakeel Ahmed, we decided to take umrah by VIP bus. Thank you for your offer anyway.

  3. Dear Brother,

    I am also planning to go for Umrah (Insha-Allah) in the first week of April with my family. This is the 3rd time I am going to holy Makkah, may Allah bless us all.

    This time probably first I will be going to Medina and from there to Makkah.

    1. We are going the other way around Doha-Mekkah-Madina-Doha. May Allah give us safe, smooth and meaningful journey.

      1. Bu Elza, ada comment dari posting UAE Oman di bawah ini. Pengalaman orang lain yang mirip. Katanya kalo di istimarah sudah nama kita, meski ada tulisan bank, gak perlu surat apa-apa. Mungkin bisa ditanyakan ke banknya apa perlu surat. Saya sendiri belum pernah mengalami. Mohon maaf tidak menjawab ya.
        I checked with the bank and they said letter is not required but they said still you want the letter then bring a Guarantor and then they can provide a letter.

        How can I make sure that in the Border they won’t ask the letter, I tried to get the contact number of the Border immigration but still couldn’t.

        In your case I believe that its Company loan and nothing mentioned about that in the Car Registration card. but when we buy the car through bank loan, then bank details mentioned on the Car registration.

        Now I am trying to find a Guarantor for me to get the letter. hope everything will workout well.

    2. i am going by own car for umra insha allah , what documents are needed from traffic police,i am planning to travel by my car,no bank finance,do i know any paper from police,

    3. Asslamu allaikkum
      I am also palnning to through doha -madina-makkah -doha kindly send me any latest clear route map if u have

  4. We are planiing to go on Umrah Doha-Makkah-Madinah-Doha in July, we are 6 adults 3children. I want to opt the self driving with rental car. Please guide me about the adress of services available, those who can provide the rental car for umrah without any problem at Qatar Saudi check posts for rental car.
    otherwise, car with driver option give me the phone no. of services.

    1. Hamlah Labbaik provides car with driver options. It can be contacted at 4440071, 4440072. I am sorry that I don’t know about self-driving rental car for umrah.

  5. Assalamualikum Pak Wahyu:

    Hotel fare 150 SAR/Day: does it mean that hotel fair of 150 SAR/Day is irrespective of how many people share a room? As far as I know, in Saudi, you are charged based on the number of people. Thus if two people share one room, they may charge 200 riyals. If three people share one room, they may charge 300 riyals. I am not sure though. If you know about such rule, please enlighten me. Because we are planning to go for umrah next year by driving 🙂

  6. Assalamualikum ..
    I dont know if this price still valid or not.
    I have planning also to umrah with all my family.
    can you give recomendation and contact no for hamlah..

    thank you

    1. Waalaikumsalam. For sure the price is no longer valid. Those were two years ago. Indicative cost for chauffeur-driven car is now at 6500-6750 QAR for Doha Mekkah Medinah Doha. An executive umrah package starts at 900 to 1600 QR whereas VIP bus at 2,200 QR. Hope this helps

  7. There is another option.Go by car upto Dammam or Riyadh,then take domestic flight.Pls comment.Is it legally allowed?

    1. Yes. Many people have tried it. I don’t know if it is legal. If you notice, once you pass through the border your passport will be stamped with a sign of mode of transportation. Because Dammam/Riyadh to Jeddah/Madinah is domestic flight, passport will be rarely checked. But who knows…

      1. Assalam u alaikum brother
        Jazak-Allah hu khair for all the information you have shared with all of us..
        I am planning to travel for umrah in the next month In sha Allah with my brothers.I just want to know which is the best hamla for umrah matters from the above four you have mentioned ??
        Also kindly let me know is it possible to ask the hamla people to arrange for visa and accomodation only because i will travel by the airline for umrah ??
        Awaiting your feed back..
        thanks & regards

      2. Waalaikum salam. I happened to use Al Haramain and Doha Transport. Both were using bus. The bus service was good. Al Haramain however provided accommodation closer to Masjidil Haram than Doha Transport did. Other alternative will be Hamlah Labbaik. They do provide visa and accommodation, and transport. You may inquire from all of them to see how well they are compared each other.

      3. Thanks for the input dear and In sha Allah i will check with all of them but like i said that i am planning to travel by air so for that reason i just wanna know do they arrange for the air travel or it should be done by myself ??
        Kindly advise brother..


      4. Yes they can arrange visa, transport and accommodation, as a package or separate items. Some hamlah asks for accommodation booking through them if you use their service for visa.

  8. Salam brother do you have the contact details for any of these places that do umrah by bus? jazakallah chair

  9. assalamualaikum. pak wahyu

    maaf mau tanya klo sy dan ibu saya mau umrah dr doha bs tidak dgn visa turis.. karena kebetulan kami berdua sdg liburan di doha menengok sodara kami disini.. namun ibu sy ingin ibadah umroh dulu sblm beliau plg ke tanah air. jika bs bagaimana caranya .. langkah apa yg hrs sy lakukan untuk umroh ke mekkah.

    trimakasih banyak. smoga pak wahyu berkenan memberikan solusinya kpd kami.

    ps: visa turis kami berlaku s/d 2bln lg.

    1. Waalaikumsalam. Tahun-tahun sebelumnya ortu dengan visit visa bisa pergi umrah dari Doha (sy pernah 2 kali mengajak ortu dari Doha). Sayangnya tahun ini sepertinya ada peraturan baru. Hanya yg punya RP yang bisa apply umrah visa. Tapi tidak ada salahnya dicoba. Caranya ibu harus mengurus return visa begitu ortu telah mendarat di Doha. Return visa plus persyaratan lain kemudian bisa diserahkan ke agen. Alternatif lain jika masih sempat bisa urus visa umrah dari Indonesia tp berangkat dari Doha.

    1. Waalaikumsalam. Teman saya baru ikut program umrah pake bus dari Al Ansar ktnya 1500 per orang.

  10. Asalam Alaikum
    You did a great job here. I have one question aboout umra packages. How much is the total cost of Hamlah labaik and Hamlah al Ansar for three persons with vip, executive and regular packages currently.

    JazakAllah Khair

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