Silent Cancellation

If only I knew…

The story started with a big advertisement from Qatar Marine Festival  in Gulf Times (not sure how many) but the last time I saw was on Tuesday, about Qatar Marine Festival Carnival to be planned on Friday, 11 March 2011, 4-6pm. The carnival is basically a parade of 16 floats with marine motifs and 140-street-artis performance.

And here we go. We had been standby at Corniche in front of Emiri Diwan from 4pm. Unfortunately, until 5+pm no signs of carnival whatsoever. We checked its website, Facebook status, Tentangqatar milist, and Qatarliving if there were any update. None. At 7pm we passed corniche from souq waqif but it’s negative. Morning before I read newspaper and no cancellation notice posted, so i assumed it’s still going on.

Turned out it wasn’t only me. At least three of my friends were waiting in vain. One milister advised us that there was cancellation note in Facebook page! Oh my….

The carnival parade is now part of daily event during festival. Parade will take place twice a day at 6-6.30pm and 9-9.30pm.

Probably it’s not enough for me just to read main newspaper, social website or rely on organizer official website. I should expand my event future telling capabilities….May I recommend that if you want to cancel something already been publicly announced, make it louder, louder….  as loud as you firstly announced it.

In any case, it’s just a grain of sand in my shoes…don’t bother… 🙂 …just no offense. Cheers. Good luck with the festival.