Transfer of Vehicle Ownership

Just today I sold my car and completed the necessary procedure for transfer of vehicle ownership. The process is straightforward. Here is how.

From Hukoomi (Qatar E-Government):

When a vehicle is sold from one owner to another, the buyer and seller are required to complete the transfer of ownership. The procedure allows the buyer to become the new registered owner.

Follow these steps to transfer the ownership of a vehicle:

  • Print and fill out the application form.
  • Bring original vehicle registration, along with copies of ID from both seller and buyer.
  • Supply insurance document under the buyer’s name.
  • Produce a no objection letter from the seller, if he/she is not present.
  • Submit all required documents to the Ministry of Interior’s Traffic Department.
  • Pay appropriate fee.

Now let’s see how it is in practice.

Secured a deal with the potential buyer, I and the buyer went to nearest Traffic Police Station. We went to Al Khor Traffic Police as both of us working in Ras Laffan. We asked a typist at portacabin to complete the required application form. We presented to him: original vehicle registration and IDs. He asked us our mobile numbers to put into the application form. 10QR for this typing service.

We went then to traffic police office, presented her the application form, original istimarah and copies of ID. It turned out that we needed to also supply an insurance paper associated with the vehicle.That’s what worried me. I totally remember that when I renewed the istimarah, Al Khaleeji Insurance man at the satellite office in Rayyan Traffic Police didnot give me the paper. Sh**. I regretted my stupidity to accept his words that insurance paper was not required because it is clearly mentioned at the back of istimarah. It won’t cause you a problem, unless you need to sell the car.

We inquire the matter to Al Khaleeji officer at the same portacabin only to be advised that we needed to go to its main office in Grand Hamad St. in Doha. His satellite office is not online (connected to main office). Aaaargh…

The same day on the evening, I went to Al Khaleeji satellite office in Rayyan Traffic Police. Just in case. The answer: no different. Okay. Now time to vent my exacerbation. I had a talk with the same old man; warned him that he and his insurance couldn’t just be simply not giving a copy to its customer since it causes headache when it comes to transfer. I can say this because the other insurance always gives the copy (Note: I took Islamic Insurance for my Mitsubishi and I had the copy). A new list added to my [you know that].

And then there was another twist. Seeing I came with the application form in copy not original, the man insisted me to make a new application using original as he said the traffic office may not accept a copy of application form. I convinced him that I just came from Al Khor Traffic and the form was provided by the typist, and it was okay except the missing insurance paper. “Paper that you didn’t give me last time….” I told him, again. May be he is right that Rayyan Office does not accept application form in copy, but the fact that he is working in a silo and doesn’t listen to me only justify my plan not to use his insurance in the future. Inuf!

Lesson Learned: Do make sure that you get a copy of insurance paper!

The following morning I went to Al Khaleeji Insurance Main Office, at Grand Hamad St, just beside Mashraf Al Rayyan. Fortunately it went very smooth. No queue, and no fee – contrary to what I have read. Feel bad for this good service due to the poor old man in the insurance’s satellite office in Rayyan. What to do…I am just a customer, and I have the right to choose 🙂

With the insurance paper completed, I went back to Al Khor Traffic Police (on the way back to work at Ras Laffan). And it also went very smooth. The – probably- same lady received my application and processed swiftly. Within minutes after I paid 100QR fee by card, the new istimarah is ready. Well done.

You may have heard that for buying a vehicle, an NOC from company is required. In our transfer case, my car buyer was never asked such document. Some people said that if you are working for Q company no NOC is required, but this was also not true as I was asked in Rayyan Office to provide the document (about 14months ago when I bought this car). E-Hukoomi doesn’t specify an NOC requirement although a poster in Al Khor Traffic Police Office does say so.


3 thoughts on “Transfer of Vehicle Ownership”

  1. My case, NOC was required, even after my self and the seller told them that I work in Q******* company.
    Or may be I was Unlucky at that time 😀

    1. Yup…few cases the procedure is not uniformly implemented among offices. As I said in another post, sometimes it’s about a luck 🙂

  2. But i will give you guys a good suggestion.
    If you really want to sell your cars.. go to industrial area. there are lot of third party re-registering offices ( people )..they charge us 300 riyals.. and next day morning you will have the isthimara ready. and i did this for all my four cars which i bought and sold out. 100 riyals more but no hazzles no headaches

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