French Beach and Fuwairit Beach

What is it in French Beach? The name seems so intriguing that I and my group were so eager in exploring it. I’m not sure how this name derived. When we arrived there, this short beach strip was full of westerners (with many women were in theirbikinis). Though short, I managed to capture the beach as below. We found out that the beach was not so good to pitch a tent or for picnicking as dry seaweeds scattered all over, and we didn’t find a good spot for our large group. We decided then to go further north to Fuwairit.

French beach or 42km beach  (derived from turnoff to the beach which is located at 42km after Al Khor turnoff) can be accessed through Al Shamal Road. Turn at 42km after Al Khor turn off and follow 6km road to a small village. Head south about 1.6km passing some old buildings before arriving at the beach, where you’ll see big buildings at the north west and south. The beach can also be accessed through previous turn off where you may want to visit Al Jassasiya Rock Carving (Petroglyphs). If you opt to go this route you’ll see a road leading to Ras Laffan Industrial City on your right on your way to Al Jassasiya. Turn left after 8.4km from Al Shamal Road, follow the asphalted road until you end up at a big palace with its helipad. The beach is just few hundreds meters further north through rocky flat.

French Beach coordinate: 25 58′ 54.58″N 51 24’01.85″E

Al Jassasiya coordinate: 25 57’07.7″N 51 24’22.8″E

Map to North Qatar beaches
French Beach or 42km Beach or Maroona Beach...

From French beach we returned to Al Shamal Road and drove 2.3km northwardly before turn right. Unlike last year, Fuwairit now has an interchange, providing easy access back to Doha. I didn’t pitch a tent but instead swimming and barbecuing until around 9pm. A nice day out tough with friends.

Fuwairit is getting popular as it offers long stretch of beach with quite safer environment from vehicle traffic (“flying 4×4 or ATV) than in Sealine. No wonder that day the beach is jam-packed. Kite surfing, barbecuing and water sports are common activities here. However, do not expect any facilities in here. Sedan can go quite near to the beach just beware of soft sand and many ground bumps.

Exit Road to Fuwairit (from Al Shamal Road): 26 00’20.12″N 51 20’15.09″E

Fuwairit Beach: 26 01’57.87″N 51 22’25.56″E

Fuwairit Beach
Ras Laffan Industrial City from Fuwairit Beach
Having fun with light and camera 🙂

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  1. Hi, nice blog. bumped into ur blog today. suddenly it struck me that we both share the same theme for our blogs 🙂
    Some posts have been repeated (don’t know if unintentional or they have been updated every few months!)
    I came to Doha two months ago and planning to have some posts too, will see how it goes. Go through my blog when time permits and tell me ur opinion.

  2. Thanks a lot. Great post. One question; Do you need a 4 x 4 to go to these beaches or a sedan (Altima) can work?

    1. Thanks Rehan. You can go to Fuwairit Beach with sedan. Just be careful with little bumps. I don’t think you can go to French beach with sedan though.

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