Renewing (Smart) Health Card

Renewing smart health card is very easy and straight forward. I can do it online as the current card is equipped with a magnetic chip.

What I needed were Qatar ID number and Credit Card Number. For children it’s their RP number.

Renewing online can be done through the following website:

1. The first screen you need to input your Qatari ID number and transaction type: Renew (Update Expiry Date) or Reprint (Lost or damaged ePurse)

2. Then you will need to specify number of required years, your telephone number, if you want to receive the receipt voucher by email, email address, if you want to receive sms notification, mobile number.

3. You need to make online payments through visa or master card credit card. One year renewal costs QR100. You can renew for more than one year. Date of expiry is set as per the first card issuance date not date of renewal.

4. Upon payment done, you will get Acknowledgement that can be printed. Alternatively, you will receive email notification if you specify in the previous screen.

An example of typical Qatar smart health card (Source:

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