The Butcher Shop & Grill

Many times whenever I visited Villagio I passed by this restaurant. Yet, only until this April, did I try to sample its food. The Butcher Shop & Grill is a South African steak restaurant but it also offers chicken, lamb and fish.

The Butcher Shop & Grill outlet at Villagio Mall
The restaurant is famous for its steak, however, we also ordered lamb chop and chicken to see how good they are in their non-main menus. Let’s see how they come out of our food test :).
While waiting for our orders to be served, we were provided with starters: soft garlic bread (?), and sausage skewer with sauce to dip in.
Closer look to one of the starters

Within 10 minutes, our drinks served. Nothing special just iced lemon tea, mint lemonade, and chocolate shake. The later was good, said my kids.

Mint Lemonade

Then, comes our appetizer: sticky chicken wings. It is basically grilled chicken wings with sticky soya bean sauce. This is the best of our orders, beating T-bone steak and grilled chicken breast.

Sticky Chicken Wings

My youngest son ordered grilled chicken breast. I can only rate it average at its best.

Grilled Chicken Breast

 Now the main feature of the restaurant, the steak. This half kilo T-bone steak was ordered “well-done” yet it come with still pinkish meat. I was not quite impressed. The main order come after 40 minutes, a bit later than what they promised on the menu (20-30 minutes). Lamb chop that we also ordered come with juiced texture as a result of “well-done” treatment. Again lamb chop did not win our heart.

T-bone steak

As overall, we had less than our expectation dining experience in The Butcher Shop & Grill. If I can recommend that would be sticky chicken wings, not the steak. The service is also average given its late serving. The restaurant gets our 3 star though 🙂


Chicken Wings 29

Grill Chicken Breast 26

T-Bone Steak 137

Black Pepper S 7

Lamb Chop 76

Chocolate Shake 25

Lemon Iced Tea 16

Mint Lemonade 22

Telp: 413 5 797

Also available in Kuwait, Bahrain and Dubai


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  1. assalamualaikum pak wahyu,
    salam kenal..
    kalo berkenan, boleh saya minta email pak wahyu? ada yg ingin saya tanyakan, kebetulan saat ini suami saya baru saja bekerja di qatar dan sedang mencari apartement. untuk sementara dia tinggal di villa kantor selama seminggu. setelah itu hrs cari2 sendiri.

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Waalaikumsalam Bu Astrid. Alamat email sudah saya kirim ke alamat email Ibu. Silahkan jika ada yang perlu ditanyakan. Seandainya saya tahu Insya Allah saya jawab. Salam.

  2. assalamualaikum om Wahyu. Ada rencana mau ke Qatar pertengahan juni. Mau cari2 apartemen yang terjangkau buat sendiri. Minta alamat email dan no telp yg bisa dihubungi dong kalau boleh. Wassalam.

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