A Walk on the Soft Sand

It’s been a while since I last went for dune bashing. Fortunately I have with me, those addited-to-dune friends who is going for a dune trip every weekend. This night and morning dune trip was with one theme: “Porridge”. Literally means rice porridge that became our supper – thanks to Bro Angga our Qatar Airways pilot for the delicious Indonesian porridge. “Porridge” is also our term to mean very soft sand that can easily trap and make you stuck. We are not for side sloping or other extreme dune activities. “Let’s be safe, respect the desert, enjoy the night and sky and our warm and fun friendship”, said our marshall – Willy who without GPS know where to go in Inland Sea.

Thursday. 28 April 2011. 10pm. Sealine Beach Resort. A quiet, tranquil, a bit cold nigh was soon warmed with the arrival of our special supper – Hummer H2 chicken rice porridge.

Our night dune safari theme: chicken rice porridge

Soon after our stomach was full, we departed, at around 11pm. It’s totally dark. No lights excepts ours. Slowly we were strolling the back of dunes, aiming for a soft part of the routes.

Driving in the dunes at night is not without risk and that’s why we were driving slowly. Unfortunately, our British prince – Land Rover LR3 – nose dived from unexpected shallow slope. A bit shaky thanks God no one hurt. But the British was overheat, bleeding, vomitting its radiator coolant.


Good thing was we have two LNG train mechanics – not sure how they are related :). Later in the morning our mechanics could fix the problem which was a non-rotating fan.

If we can maintain the largest LNG train in the world, why can't we fix this British steel

 Then about few kilometers from our intended camping site, one of the car had its front tire out of place. This was normally due to low tire pressure and side driving.

Out of place



In the darkness I seek your light
Around 3am we arrived at camping site, one of the porridge location. Not long it caused a problem. Two cars stuck. Our marshall advised us to take a rest and let the morning break before heading for car recovery. But, one friend was just so curious to get out. He tried any possible ways despite advised to take a rest. His never give up attitude became our “punk” plan. We were standing still, made jokes instead of helping him…poor he was.
Stuck in the "porridge"


Tug of war? Javanese puppet show? No, just our funny part of trip - "punk" our friend

 When the morning break, we continue our trip. Passing several porridges, sliding down the steep dunes. Really a nice morning walk on the soft sand.

Sliding down the dune is one of the interesting trip activity


Commemorating last year's massal bogged down. And you know, we stuck again.


Out of my way


Thank you guys!

 Ah, thank you brother for the trip. It can never be more memorable than making a trip with you. See you then. Be safe.


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  1. Hello again Pak Wahyu.
    I wish you and your family doing well during the hot summer in Doha. Gosh, the heat is really suffocating…

    Couple months ago I had sent some email to you about “moving to Doha”.
    Unfortunately, something happened to my computer (as always) and I lost your email 😦
    I just moved to Doha last month and I really want to ask you some question (I hope you don’t mind).
    Do you mind to email me at : amasvaritas@yahoo.com ….
    Thank you in advance

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