So I don’t need a company letter then ya?

Good move! Thanks! But I already have my driving license though 🙂
To be honest I just don’t like to obtain a company letter for any personal business like i.e. driving license application, buying a car. It seems to me that company is too intervening into personal life. Additionally I am feeling a bit of being scrutinized on personal businesses –  why must company bother with I am buying a car?
I believe that more and more types of those practices will be abandoned as Qatar is under the spotlight now.
Next? Exit permit, then no NOC to move to another company….finger crossed 🙂
Driving licence rules to be eased



THERE is some good news for people seeking driving licence in Qatar.

The Traffic Department at the Ministry of Interior (MoI) is likely to relax the rules currently needed to apply for a driving licence.

At present, people seeking a driving licence need to go through a lengthy process.

They are required to provide a letter from the employer and a copy of sponsor’s Company Registration, among other documents, to their respective driving centres to apply for a licence.

However, the new rules would require the individual to furnish only the personal ID card and an eye-test certificate.

The Traffic Department is likely to announce the relaxation of rule this month.

According to a high-ranking official at Mowasalat’s Karwa Transportation Training & Development Centre (KTTDC), a large number of people have started enrolling their names in anticipation to the relaxation of the licence rule.

“The new regulation to apply for a driving licence will be announced shortly.

Anyone carrying a resident permit in the country will be allowed to enroll in the driving schools to learn driving,” he said.

“Earlier, one had to furnish documents such as letter from employer, copy of sponsor’s Company Registration (RC), along with other personal IDs to apply for a driving licence.

If the new rule comes into effect, it will become much easier for people who have difficulty in getting documents from their sponsors.

We are now waiting for a final confirmation from the MoI,” the source added.

Welcoming the possible change in rules, Rafeekh Ahamed, an Indian expatriate said, “Getting documents from employers, which is required to apply for a driving licence, is not easy at all.” Meanwhile, some people have already received messages from driving schools like AlKebra DS on the new application rule.

The message read, “No need of sponsor’s letter for driving licence.

Enroll your name with ID card, eye-test certificate and five photographs.” A Mowasalat official said that over 250 people had approached KTTDC on Wednesday to enroll their names.


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