A bucket in the bathroom: back to traditional way of taking a bath

“Ouw….hot….it’s hot”, scream my kids one weekend noon.

Though the tap handle has been placed rightmost, water is still flowing hot. It’s still early June but we already feel it’s coming. Summer is officially started from 16 June, yet mercury has been upward trajectorily. The last few days show average temperature in the range of 41 C to 46 C.

So back to the story, taking a bath during summer is tricky one. It may be okay for such activity in the morning or later in the evening but not during noon…ppsssst…our common habitual weekend activity when getting up late is rather must 🙂

And here we are now, putting a big bucket or super-size unused cooler box in the bathroom. Filled it with water night before so that it is temperate enough for taking a bath at noon. Scooping water from the box or pail, showering on top of my head and body, it reminds me the traditional way of taking a bath. Back to the old days, when I was kid, I had a big concrete bathtub in our bathroom. Where pressurized piped water was a luxury, we used to use a well as a source of water to our bathroom. From it water is pumped manually, and hiks, it was my job to make sure that it was always full for use by all family members.

Taking a bath by bathtub or scooping water is criticized for not environmental friendly, but in this hot summer, I rather keep it aside. Convenience prevails! What to do yanni 🙂


2 thoughts on “A bucket in the bathroom: back to traditional way of taking a bath”

  1. We usually turn off the heater and use the water stored there for cold and we use the cold tap for hot water that comes from directly under the sun, So you can still use your shower, but it will take some time for it to cool first

    1. Hi, thanks for your comments. We did turn off the heater and turn the tap into rightmost position (cold water supposedly) but still to my kids the water temp is unbearable during noon. It’s okay for morning or evening. Thanks

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