Haj pilgrimage package rates for 2011

Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs yesterday announced Haj pilgrimage tariffs for 2011.

Category C (by road)

Category C (by road) – Makkah and Madina – QR12,000 (against QR9,200 last year)

Category C (by road) – Makkah only – QR10,000 (against QR8,120 last year)

The package includes accommodation, services at the holy sites, Mina camping, food and transportation and accommodation in a hotel with a minimum three star facility for three nights. The amount also includes charges of the unified agents office.

Details for category (C) are as follows: QR 4,200 For accommodation in Makkah, QR 2,000 for accommodation in Madina, QR800 for shrines services, QR2,200 for camping in Mina, QR800 for food and QR2,000 for transportation.

Category A (by air)

Category A (by Air) – Makkah and Madina QR16,000 (from last year’s QR15,100)

Category A (by Air) – Makkah only , QR12,800 (against QR12,460 charged last year).

The package does not include air tickets but cover all other services available to Class C plus accommodation in a hotel with a minimum four star facility for three nights.

A third category (Category B) for pilgrims travelling by air that offered lower fares compared to Category A has been abolished this year. Fares for Category C has now become almost similar to that existed in Category B (QR12,400) last year.

Details of the tariffs for category (A) are as follows: QR 5,100 for accommodation in Makkah, QR 3,200 for accommodation in Madina, QR1,200 for shrines services, QR 2,900 for Mina camping, QR1,800 for food and QR1,800 for transportation.

The Haj and Umrah Department at the Ministry has urged all aspiring pilgrims to register online between July 2 and September 13.