Where is the Solo?

Griyo Solo (literally means “Solo’s House ) added to the list of Indonesian restaurants in Qatar, since its grand opening on 22 June 2010. As usual, I am bit late in following the crowd to test this Indonesian Javanese food restaurant.

Located in Wakrah, the restaurant can be found at diagonally opposite Al Wakrah Health Center (map is here – 25°10’16″N   51°35’52″E) at the same row of buildings of McD, Isfahan Express, Domino Pizzas).

The dining hall is not to big, less than 40 person capacity, with a display of ready to serve buffet at the end of this long narrow buildings. What you can find is an array of Indonesian/Javanese fares – typical to other Indonesian restaurants, though unique Javanese cuisine (primarily Central Java, where Solo, also called Surakarta, is a main city there) dissapointingly not available.

Sample total damage: QR100 for 4 adults, 4 small children (food + drink)

GriyoSolo is located at Al Wakrah to capture the potential customer in Wakrah and Messaied

Griyo Solo - interior view
A typical dish - Javanese - in Griyo Solo

One thought on “Where is the Solo?”

  1. Tepangaken Pak, dalem hardiyanto, tiyang solo asli .. he he …

    Sebagai warga Solo, turut bangga ada Griyo Solo di Qatar. Kota yang saya impikan sejak lulus kuliah dan belum juga kesampaian sampai skrng ..

    Two thumbs up ..

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