Now let’s think how to spend entire summer in Qatar

Unlike last year, I don’t plan to go home, back to Indonesia, this summer. Meaning I have to spend almost entire summer in Qatar. With school (Al Khor International School) summer break starts on 8 July 2011 until 10 September 2011, I need to think how to help kids with spending and “enjoying” summer in Qatar. The thing is I only have one week work leave. Good.

Already, Qatar (primarily Qatar Tourism Authority, like one Editorial Comment from The Peninsula – Why Can’t We Have Our Own Summer Fest?) is being criticized for not providing summer activities for its citizens and expatriats, unlike its neighboring countries – see Summer in Abu Dhabi. [To me though the comment is well said if not rare stinging comment]

It turned out that I probably need to rely on own arrangement, keeping family and kids busy so that summer is quickly passing:

– One week vacation abroad to “cooler country” – stay tune to know where we are going 🙂

– One-month Ramadan festivities (visit new State Mosque, visit Souq Waqif with its fasting break ritual, fasting break (iftar) in any interesting outlets, try traditional only-in-Ramadan recipes)

– Summer cleaning at home: toys, unused stuffs, recycling

– Summer experiment with heat – another stay tune to see our actions 🙂

– Go to one of the mall’s summer carnival (i.e. Hyatt Plaza’s Jungle Zone)

– Take them to the seaside or water park

– Take them to cinema

– Take them to bookstore and buy some summer school break books to keep them learning

– Send them to one of the summer camps – See Timeout Doha’s 25 to try summer camps

– Enjoy Eid Al Fitr festivities – visiting friends, try delicious only-in-Eid Indonesian cuisines

What else? Any idea? Seem that I need to scratch my hair a bit harder 🙂



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  1. Totally! I’ve been wracking my brain and blogging about it too. I came up with Surprise Them! This can look like a hula hoop, Nutella for breakfast, midnight swimming… And the Doha Mums group has got loads of stuff going on. Hyatt Plaza Summer Festival is this month in the food court…

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